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Plato Data Intelligence.
Vertical Search. Ai

Plato’s Ai and advanced automation curates the latest sector intelligence with insights into the people, companies and culture driving innovation today.

Plato Web3 DefiX Gateway.
Access all your dApps in one place.

Connect with the thousands of dApps via a single and secure interface.

Your Gateway to the world of Decentralized Finance.

Plato OpenAi.
Driving Smart Search.

By employing a completely new methodology related to search and Intelligence, we enable deep and authentic connectivity to today’s most innovative technology sectors.

The platform provides an ultra-secure environment to consume sector-specific real-time data intelligence. Plato is accessible across 23 languages and 27 verticals.

Plato Defi Gateway.

Your Access to the world of Decentralized Finance.

Vertical Specific Search

Your Vertical. Your Edge.

Plato Empowers Discovery

Plato was designed to seamlessly connect users with hundreds of sector specific applications by providing an ultra-safe and secure environment for vertical real-time data intelligence through an intuitive and content-rich user experience.

Intuitive User Friendly UI / UX

While our Ai and machine learning automates and curates both structured and unstructured data, Plato’s modern interface quickly and easily connects users to hundreds of Decentralized Applications and associated data.

The Evolution of Search

Plato identifies and organizes both public and private data sources and makes accessing this information faster and more efficient, while driving open analytics across our entire data ecosystem.

Plato Delivers Contextual Relevancy

Plato was created to change the way business sector information is gathered and processed. By utilizing today’s most innovative technology tools, we connect users to the information that is driving today’s markets into the future.

Smarter Faster Insights

Features and Applications

Plato Data Engine

Our data engine utilizes the latest in machine learning to provide deep sector relevant data through vetted and consensus-driven sources, and our proprietary hash-tagging engine is at the core of a consensus driven search experience that eliminates the need to go to multiple sites and applications.

Plato Framework

The modularity of our framework allows our development team to quickly integrate new data streams and to rapidly develop and deploy plug-in utility applications to drive both user consumption and engagement, creating sector-specific intelligence via an Ai powered Search Engine.

Vertical Search & Ai

Plato is a vertical Search platform with artificial intelligence that optimizes data curation from multiple verified sources that are specific to today’s most active technology sectors like Blockchain, Cyber Security, Fintech and Artificial Intelligence. New sectors are integrated as desired with advanced automation tools.

DaaS / Sectors

Multilingual Support

Technology has opened up real-time access to data as it happens anywhere in the world, with the only limitation being linguistic differences in language and culture and unification of messaging. To ensure availability of relevant data for all users, Plato is accessible and indexed across 23 Languages making true conversational search a reality.


Plato delivers custom news streams for access to the information most relevant to you, chosen from hundreds of curated channels and available in 26+ Different Languages. Immediate access to the latest exchange data and pricing. Technical, Fundamental and Social Data. Multi Transitional Indexing. With Plato Ai AudioStream, you create your own broadcast channel.

Modular Integration

Distributed Trainable Ai

Data Ingestion and Analysis

Structured and unstructured data is ingested from a variety of vertically relevant sources through our API appliance.

Data Interpretation

Data is extracted and processed while our engine distills it into reportable and contextually relevant intelligence.

Parsing and Indexing

Vertical Data is indexed via consensus driven algorithms to optimize contextual relevancy, fluency and coherence.

Validation and Formatting

Data is synthesized, validated and formatted for optimal delivery and publishing.

Syndication and Distribution

New Nodes of Data are updated automatically and syndicated globally.

Engagement and Monetization

Engagement is managed in realtime with Freemium to Premium upgrades on the fly.

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