A Strong September

Since our last development update, the team has been making remarkable progress with their work on the NFT module integrations. Not only have the frontend integrations for NFT views been successful they’ve also been progressing well with the datapoint integrations on the backend. Whereas other projects may be going into hibernation during this bear market, we’re excited to confirm that our BUIDLing is progressing at a tremendous pace.


In the last update, we shared that the team was working on how to integrate the NFT views into the frontend. That has now been completed and is progressing through our internal Quality Assurance (QA) testing phase.

Now that we’ve confirmed designs for the NFT liquidation module the devs have been able to start their work on implementing this into the frontend. This has been progressing well and is in the final stages of development.

We’re also working on some minor glitches such as the NFT search module which is currently missing the placeholder and there’s a small positioning problem where the ‘show more’ button is overlaying the ‘see details’ button. Both of these are minor flaws that should be fully resolved by the next update.


Many of the backend areas that the dev team worked on during the last update have now progressed to the QA testing phase. In addition, some items they had started working on during this phase went so well that they’re also now in the QA phase.

These include the contract types for the supported collections, NFT API not returning the original owner of the token, datapoint research for the valuation service, API3 integration, backend NFT liquidation process, and the valuation service integration with CryptoSlam!

Even more excitingly several areas have passed the QA phase and are fully completed. These are the integration of the Doodles NFT collection, integration of the Azuki NFT collection, the ability to fetch configuration from the contracts, enabling the NFT transfer function, and the collateral function now reports the NFTs that belong to each requested user.

The devs are continuing to integrate the NFT liquidation on the frontend with the backend, resolving a glitch where newly added NFT collections are presently not being returned by the API, and further work on the Rarible and NFTBank integrations. Both of these integrations are somewhat more complex than other integrations but are on track for completion within the next update period.


Over the past few weeks, the design team has been working on preparing the NFT module screens, especially the liquidation and dark mode aspects of them. Their designs have now been completed and we’re just in the process of deciding whether to make some minor adjustments to them.

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