Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak’s New Ambition Kicks Off on HBTC

SINGAPORE, Dec 14, 2020 – (ACN Newswire) – Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder, is dedicated to developing a new blockchain project called Efforts. With the purpose of funding energy-efficiency projects, Efforts launched its token WOZX on, a 100% Token Holder Owned Trading Platform. The cooperation between a high-tech team backed by Wozniak and a leading team from the blockchain industry has shown us an ambition that may end up a revolution in the environment and energy industries.


After success with Apple, Wozniak was attracted to the technology of blockchain and the use of cryptocurrencies. As a believer in the blockchain industry and cryptocurrency economics, Wozniak and other industry veterans founded the energy-efficiency company Efforts. The effort is a blockchain-based energy-saving platform that provides an innovative way for companies to fund energy-efficient projects and save energy expenses. Launching a token named WOZX, Efforts allows contributors to fund energy efficiency projects by investing in WOZX and be repaid in tokens representing the energy savings achieved.

The energy efficiency market has always been too complex for retail investors. However, with the innovative business model launched by Efforts, anyone interested in energy projects can easily access the market, while companies who wish to implement solutions will be able to negotiate directly with consumers or contributors in the open market. Tokenization will play an important role in this process. With the issuance of WOZX, a contractual relationship between contributors and companies seeking funds for energy projects is formed, allowing contributors to participate directly in the savings generated through the projects.

“We created Efforts to be the first decentralized platform that allows everyone to participate and benefit financially from worldwide energy efficiency projects, and create meaningful environmental change,” stated Wozniak. The goal is to decentralize the $241 billion energy financing market, much as Apple aimed at in popularizing personal computing. The most important part of Efforce’s project, the WOZX, has been carefully designed and issued. The Wozniak team chose to first launch the WOZX. The cooperation was a natural choice given HBTC’s superior technology and industry-leading trading experience.

WOZX and

HBTC Exchange is a business of Singapore-based Bluehelix, founded by former Huobi CTO James Ju in 2018 to pursue excellence in building blockchain financial infrastructure. Jointly invested by Huobi, OKEx and 56 world-class institutional investors, the Bluehelix core founding team came from first-tier tech and finance companies including Google, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Barclays Capital, and Societe Generale. Bluehelix now provides fintech to over 300 companies globally, with its exchange SaaS system, innovative financial derivatives, and liquidity services helping partners realize business value in a rapidly developing and competitive market.

HBTC’s Exchange business, formerly known as BHEX, rebranded as HBTC ( in 2020, launching the innovative HBC 10x Repurchase Plan, and the HBTC Captain incentive scheme. Under the repurchase plan, 100% of HBTC’s revenue is used to repurchase HBC coin on the secondary market at a price calculated at 10x PE. The price of HBC has consequently increased by 234%.

HBTC’s Exchange platform is known for its security, liquidity, and efficiency. MAS license exempted in Singapore, HBTC’s trading system is backboned by Bluehelix Cloud, the best-in-class system that backs trading experience and fund security. HBTC Exchange platform has experienced 6,027 system upgrades and 136,569 structure upgrades since its launch in 2018, keeping a record of 0 asset losing accidents. With a recent upgrade, HBTC’s new system is able to achieve even a higher level of reliability.

HBTC Prosperity: HBTC Exchange, HBTC Chain, and Bluehelix Cloud services

Known for its trading platform, the Bluehelix Group is built of three pillars: HBTC Exchange, HBTC Chain, and Bluehelix Cloud. Each supports comprehensive business development and give full play to the beauty and potential of blockchain technology. Bluehelix Cloud is the largest technology provider in the institutional exchange market, with more than 320 global crypto exchange clients covering 15 million users and 10 thousand crypto assets with a total value of 6 billion USDT. The SaaS system provides for spot, margin, contract, and options trading support, as well as liquidity services.

With Exchange providing superior trading, and Cloud providing the backbone to the global exchange market, HBTC Chain is the first public chain to support decentralized cross-chain custody and transactions, for more than 10 mainstream digital assets. HBTC Chain also improves asset protection with private key sharing technology, securing on-chain assets. Moreover, HBTC Chain launched the cross-chain DEX SaaS service, providing decentralized OTC services and supporting NTF trading as well. As Defi infrastructure, the API of HBTC Chain is open for developers and better serve the community.

The Bluehelix Group continuously pursues the development of the industry through technology, in the great tradition of Apple, and now Efforts. As Wozniak has said, a true innovation is one that improves people’s lives. Enforce has managed to combine the blockchain project with the traditional industry, and the issuance of WOZX has pushed blockchain and the energy efficiency industry toward the future. With the cooperation between Efforts and, we are a step closer to the transformation that will ultimately benefit all.

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