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Bitcoin Unlimited Launches Votepeer For Two-Option Voting Process

Bitcoin Unlimited Launches Votepeer For Two-Option Voting Process Blockchain, Blockchain PlatoAiStream PlatoAiStream. Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.
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Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) has recently launched a new voting platform named Votepeer. This application is backed by the Bitcoin Cash network, which will help in setting up a two-option voting process. Currently the initial version of Votepeer has been released by the software engineers of BU, Dagur and Jørgen Svennevik Notland. 

According to the announcement by Bitcoin Unlimited, this platform will help to set up a two-option vote. It stated, “Participating, verifying, and tallying can be done through the SPV (Simple Payment Verification) technology in use in most bitcoin cash wallets, and therefore, does not require a full node.”

Bitcoin Unlimited Developers Will Make Anonymous Voting Possible

According to the latest announcement, the initial release will complete the first phase of BUIP129. However, in the second phase, the developers will be doing research to make the anonymous voting possible. The final release of the platform will be done in the third phase when the technology will be used to develop an easy-to-use-app.

According to the developer team of Bitcoin Unlimited, they will be able to make online elections safer than ever before. Currently, the team is under research and development mode and are working to make this voting platform. Released to Locate Partners

In the announcement, the developers team of Bitcoin Unlimited has also said that anybody who is interested in contributing to this platform can do their bit. The team has also released which will help the project locate partners. The firm is extremely excited to see how people and especially, the crypto community will be using this technology. 

Blockchain voting is becoming quite popular especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Now this move by Bitcoin Unlimited is being praised by a lot of people because this type of voting system seems to be highly convenient and safe for people.

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