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Bitcoin’s price drop: what does the future hold?

Bitcoin’s price drop: what does the future hold? Blockchain, Blockchain PlatoAiStream PlatoAiStream. Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

Bitcoin’s price drop has continued over the last months and shows no sign of slowing down. The media negativity mongers are in full voice and proclaim the immanent downfall of crypto as a whole. So were is Bitcoin going?

Bitcoin and widespread adoption

As a huge fan of crypto and blockchain, it may surprise you to hear that I don’t think Bitcoin will have widespread adoption: any time soon at least. Widespread adoption in the sense that the common man or woman will walk into a bar and buy a beer or go into a shop and buy some groceries. I don’t think this will happen as the majority of people just don’t care about crypto and think it’s rather quite geeky. By the same token the common man on the street isn’t trading indices, futures or FOREX. Its something that is seen to be for the rich and elitist. This is exactly exactly where crypto will end up.

The growth of Bitcoin

That’s why I’m not worried about today’s bear market on Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s growth won’t come from the average retail trader, but from the financial elite pouring in. And where do they want to accumulate BTC? Certainly not at 10’000 USD plus. That’s why they are driving the price down. Building positions for the inevitable value explosion in the top cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum (more so Bitcoin). As the price surges Northward and a full bull swing comes into play this time round BTC will be out of the realms of the common investor.

Bitcoin’s price drop is the greatest opportunity you may have.

What should you do?

Its really quite simple; as Bitcoin’s price drops buy more at the bottom. As institutions build their infrastructure around the world for crypto wealth creation, now is the time to get onboard. I’ll be hodling all the way till Bitcoin gets to 1 million per BTC. Maybe then at some distant point you’ll be able to go into a bar and buy a beer. Maybe at that point crypto will be in everyday usage. But the main drive will be the elitist money maker who will propel this to stratospheric heights.

This is the ride you don’t want to miss out on!

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