Blockchain technology can help to protect sensitive information

With the power of blockchain-based identity, we can transform how our data is used across many industries: finance, banking, travel, and healthcare are just a few industries that can use this breakthrough technology,” says Simon.

“It can help to map your physical identity to your digital footprint, allowing for reduced checks for proof of identification and enabling easier management of records and certificates.

“Think about your online banking, when you want to upgrade your insurance, filing your taxes, booking flights, scheduling medical appointments: these processes become seamless with the use of blockchain technology,” he added.

The guest speakers are:  Rob Leslie – CEO and Founder of Sedicii, Shiv Aggarwal – CEO and Founder of EarthId, Adam Bouktila – Founder and CEO of and Paula Mare Kilgarriff – Global Retail Innovation and Emerging Technologies Lecturer.

“Digital Identity has the power to fundamentally change people’s lives for the better but it is not without risks. What is at stake is your privacy, your financial security and ultimately who you are as person. Are we ready for it?” says Rob.

Details on the guests are below;

Rob Leslie – CEO and Founder of Sedicii

Rob is a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer. He has been leading the charge for the last 10 years to bring zero-knowledge proofs and other Privacy Enhancing Technologies into mainstream use which is now happening with many different blockchains.

Shiv Aggarwal – CEO and Founder of EarthId

Shiv is a global thought leader in the identity and blockchain space with over 16 years of industry experience. He has been a keynote speaker at various international conferences, including at the US capitol and UK parliament. He is also leading a government blockchain association in UK & Europe.

Adam Bouktila – Founder and CEO of

Since 2018 Adam Bouktila has been involved in multiple blockchain projects and initiatives. Adam is the founder and CEO of, an NFT agency service that helps businesses, brands and artists build their digital strategy and provide unique content to their communities. Adam is also a member of the founding team at, an enterprise blockchain service provider with a number of tools and solutions geared towards reducing complexity and lowering the barrier to entry to blockchain. Adam is also a member of the management team of eos Dublin, a blockchain infrastructure provider which supports multiple different chains.

Simon Cocking – Editor and Global Influencer for Fintech, Blockchain, and Data Security.

Paula Mare Kilgarriff – Global Retail Innovation and Emerging Technologies Lecturer

Paula Mare Kilgarriff is a Global Retail Innovation and Emerging Technologies lecturer at Technological University Dublin, Programme Director of Alsessor AI Accelerator by Altada Technology Solutions and Tangent Trinity College Dublin, and a member of Blockchain Startup group Ireland. Paula is involved in multiple blockchain and AI/XR/VR projects in the Hospitality, Retail & Fin-Tech sector and has returned from China in 2019 after working in the in international Luxury Fashion & Lifestyle eCommerce industry.

Simon Cocking is Senior Editor at Irish Tech News, 

Simon Cocking has been Chief Editor at Irish Tech News, CryptoCommonwealth, CryptoCoinNews and InvestInIT – with over 1.5 million+  unique monthly views and growing. He was top ranked member of the ‘People of Blockchain’ based on total funds raised & also  #1 ranked advisor on ICO Holder

He is a business mentor and advisor working with over 200 successful companies to date. He has been named on many global Twitter influencer lists in the last 12 months, and has over 117,000 followers on Twitter & 30,000+ on Linkedin.

He is an accomplished public speaker at events including TEDx, Web Summit, and overseas in Monte Carlo, Pyeonchang, Amsterdam, Dubai, Delhi, Kiev, Singapore, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Tbilisi, Riga, Porto, Dublin and Helsinki. See more on his podcast here and on Youtube.

He was also the first person to be inducted into the Irish Ultimate Frisbee Hall of Fame.

He has been based in Ireland for over 25 years and has cofounded or founded seven successful companies.

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