BlocksOfTime Announces a Decentralized Time Capsule Built for the People

November 9th, Tel Aviv, Israel — BlocksOfTime, announced on Tuesday, in preparation for its launch that it will be releasing a decentralized time capsule. Built on the Tezos blockchain, BlocksOfTime will allow individuals to upload their personal stories on the blockchain for future generations to read. The goal of BlocksOfTime is to urge storytelling, share meaningful experiences and redefine what it means to build a legacy.  All inputs are stored immutably and securely on the Tezos protocol.

BlocksOfTime plans to roll out its V1 decentralized app (dApp) in Q4 2021. In this launch, it will have the ability to upload stories to the blockchain, in addition to a running feed of stories for all users to see. In V2, they will create a hash search feature and compatibility for photos and PDF’s. Later on in their roadmap, they expect to create support for turning stories into NFTs, encrypted stories to open on a set date (like a real time capsule), and a DAO token for the community.

“I’m very excited about the future for BlocksOfTime”, said Adam Shinder, CEO. “We really believe that Tezos is the premier blockchain to host this project, as the ability to self-upgrade ensures our memories will stand the test of time.” When asked about the goals for the project, Shinder reinforced the community idea. “We are a project completely designed to showcase every individual’s story. These stories aren’t just for the community members to learn from, but for our children and grandchildren. The platform charges no fee to incentivize the addition of new stories and promote community growth. Our project will only just begin to achieve its goals when in two or three generations, our great-grandchildren will search through our life stories and learn from them.”

BlocksOfTime was incubated by Tezos Israel, a blockchain innovation lab in Tel Aviv that works with startups, corporates, and governments to find better business solutions through blockchain technology. BlocksOfTime was the first recipient of Tezos Israel’s small grants program.

If interested in learning more about BlocksOfTime, check out their website at, follow them on twitter @blocksoftimeio, or join their discord here.

Source: Plato Data Intelligence