Breaking New Ground

October has been another strong month for our development team who are continuing to make breakthroughs with the NFT module aspects of Paribus. As we always say it’s never easy to do something that hasn’t been done before, and we’re lucky to have such a talented team of devs conscientiously breaking new ground. Even before our MVP hits the mainnet we’ll be ready to conduct in-house testing of various aspects of our NFT iteration.


This month we’re pleased to announce that several areas of the frontend have completed the QA testing phase and are now done. These include a glitch that interfered with our MetaMask integration, missing placeholder text for NFTs in the search function, our ‘not found’ or ‘404’ screen is also completed along with the issue that caused the ‘see details’ button to be obscured by the ‘show more’ button.

The items progressing through the QA phase are the frontend views for NFTs, the added collateral function, which now only shows the NFTs from the user’s wallet, and the NFT liquidation process.

Work is still progressing on the frontend implementation of the NFT liquidation process along with the liquidity indexer endpoint integration, and the price detail changes. The work on the liquidity indexer endpoint centers around a further improvement to deliver a faster data update. The work on the NFT liquidation process is related to updating the UI changes we recently made.


This month three areas of the backend have completed the QA testing process and are now done. These are the liquidation incentive, NFT price detail changes, and a glitch that was preventing newly added NFT collections from being returned by the API.

Many of last month’s areas of backend work have now entered the QA phase. These include the valuation service integration with Rarible, NFTBank, and CryptoSlam! The issue from Rarible that was crashing the DApp has been patched and this is in QA, along with a glitch that caused the NFT API to not return the original owner of the token.

Our devs are also progressing with their work on the liquidation incentive for PBX exchange, the liquidity indexer data endpoint for the frontend, a glitch that was causing the DApp to lose events when the websocket connection is lost or interrupted, and some failability issues with the initialization of the valuation oracle.

With the backend API they’re resolving a glitch where prices per provider aren’t being returned from the details endpoint, and an issue with the contract where users can’t fully repay the amount borrowed and revert the execution.

Our work on the liquidity indexer is to enable us to replace our present subgraph dependency. The liquidity indexer not only allows for a faster data update within the DAppp but should also enable us to transition to chains and sidechains that don’t offer subgraph support.


The design team has completed the NFT liquidation screens and is now progressing with some additional minor changes as and when they are raised.

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