Brickken launches its equity-tokenization dApp, expanding legacy industry’s funding access

Brickken’s token issuance and management platform brings companies on-chain via asset tokenization, offering tools for managing on-chain assets, secondary market transactions, voting polls, and token holders

Barcelona, Spain, November 2022 — Brickken, the company forging a new path in business management and fundraising with tokenized equity, launches its token issuance and management platform. The company’s decentralized app (dApp) onboards companies to the token economy and enables them to use Web3 for: funding and tokenization by attracting new investor personas, management and decision-making by automating the execution of corporate actions, and improvement in the investment life cycle by optimizing internal treasuries.

As the tech bear market continues and VC funding becomes harder to secure, innovative companies need ways to generate increased liquidity. Asset tokenization, a market expected to expand to $16.1 trillion by 2030, offers a brand new avenue through which companies can fundraise.

Brickken seizes this growth by empowering companies to explore the possibilities of generating liquidity through on-chain equity from traditional assets through its tokenization protocol and interface. The company’s BKN token and newly launched dApp provide businesses with a toolkit to issue their own utility and security tokens for raising funds and digitizing company ownership.

To provide a seamless experience for tokenizers, Brickken has built an ecosystem of certified experts in the different verticals of tokenization to help prepare for a successful and compliant tokenization process:

  • Legal consultants and firms – Designing a Legal framework for the tokenizer based on the geographical and legal area of the country in which the tokenizer is based.
  • Marketing consultants and agencies – Planning and executing the marketing activities needed by the tokenizer to promote the token offering.
  • Financial consultants – Assessing the financial situation of the tokenizer and evaluating the company’s valuation.
  • Tokenization advisors – Assessing the tokenizer’s need and designing a tokenization framework.
  • Publishers – Crypto advertising channels for tokenizers to promote token offerings.

Tokenizers must integrate a KYC/AML process for investors to comply with relevant regulation. Brickken’s dApp provides companies with a KYC/AML-management system enabling tokenizers to verify investors anywhere in the world with ease.

“This is an exciting time for us at Brickken with more than 10 projects already launched, and another 100 plus in the pipeline,” says Edwin Mata, CEO and Co-Founder of Brickken. “Our protocol facilitates the transition from Web2 to Web3 and can even provide managing tools for DAOs to operate more efficiently. We foresee a future in which new economic agents converge on the blockchain, with Brickken paving the way. We will thrive as a protocol because we provide our users with a wide range of functionalities for them to issue tokens across standards, in a multi-chain environment to fit any company needs.


About Brickken

Founded in 2020, Brickken utilizes blockchain technology to bring companies on-chain through asset tokenization. Led by core values of confidentiality, identity, governance, and compliance, Brickken offers businesses, startups and institutional players alike, a decentralized way to raise funds by issuing security tokens in Security Token Offering (STOs) and manage their digital assets on one platform. Brickken’s best-in-class user interface provides investors with new opportunities of generating passive income, opening new markets to the world.

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