BTBS token, the largest Bitcoin ATMs operator in Spain lists on Bittrex Global

Even if the crypto market has seen significant changes over the years, it still faces several security, safety, and usability challenges in day-to-day operations.  

There have been numerous attempts to turn traditional finance into a decentralized form, but this had an insignificant effect due to the countless challenges that arose along the route. But even though there has not been a lot of adoption in this area, BitBase is here to change that by providing their token with a lot of use. 


Since its inception in 2017, the platform has been creating blockchain services to make the decentralized economy more accessible and helpful for society by bringing its services directly to the people in the psychical environment.  

BitBase’s community has grown over the years to include over 30,000 users who transact more than $6 million every month. Their ecosystem is straightforward in supplying products and services because it is made up of fiat money, cryptocurrencies, and centralized and decentralized financial services. 

They already have 26 physical stores in 21 locations, as well as more than 60 ATMs. Overall, the BitBase project is a Spanish Phygital Exchange where users can quickly and safely purchase and sell any cryptocurrency on the market in cash, bank transfer, or credit card.

BitBase makes a token-based collaborative model initiative available to the public in which BTBS holders play an essential part. They are attempting to facilitate the introduction of cryptocurrencies into our world by providing simple, fast, and secure services to everyone interested in this ever-changing environment. Their objective is straightforward: they want to include crypto goods into everyday transactions, regardless of the user’s technical expertise or past knowledge of cryptocurrency. 


To participate in this initiative and begin conducting transactions daily, users must first purchase the BTBS token. The currency is the most significant utility of the project because it is the central point for all BitBase financial transactions and will serve as the foundation for BitBase’s economy. 

The currency is built on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain protocols using standard ERC20 and BEP20 tokens. It is maintaining a total issue supply of 100 million, which will never be expanded. BitBase’s platform intends to tokenize its services, which allows the issuer to open creative approaches and promote widespread acceptance of industry investment. 

The BTBS token has various benefits in terms of enabling the entire process and system to function. It is helpful in a variety of scenarios, including: 

  • Managing system fees and fees discounts;  
  • BTBS and liquidity;  
  • BTBS as BitBase Dex gas fees;  
  • BTBS to pay listing fees;  
  • BTBS during token burns;  
  • BTBS founding team allocation;  
  • BTBS in quadratic DAO implementation. 


After being a part of the system, BitBase provides various tools to use the tokenization system. By acting as a bridge between traditional banking services and DeFi, Bitbase offers accessibility, a crypto-friendly platform and services, offline services, the ability to purchase services from actual stores, and BitBase ATMs. 

But it doesn’t end there; they also offer online services such as the BitBase App, deposit and withdrawal options, crypto and fiat exchanges, and the ability to trade. They also developed the potential of owning a physical credit card called BitCard and another usability with BitCredit, which provides loans.  

Furthermore, they have formed a partnership with Bittrex, making its debut on November 17th and a significant event in the cryptocurrency world. The coin can be purchased on the BitBase website or acquired on PancakeSwap or UniSwap

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.