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Continuum Market and Kristina Bruhahn, present #ContinuumBlockLegsMay Blockchain Legislation Summit, the global virtual summit monthly meeting series with upcoming dates kicking off Friday, May 14th aims to foster US State & Federal Bipartisanship and Global Cross-Border policy discussions and consensus to create safe harbors of commerce in blockchain.

Bring your curiosity and connect with a global community through breakout sessions and networking receptions. Participate in main stage content and roundtables on blockchain policy, blockchain brands and product offerings, and the latest in blockchain and cryptocurrency investing.

Participants will have the opportunity to listen to our May Blockchain Legislation Experts.

  • Gerard Dache Founder & Executive Director, Government Blockchain Association (GBA)

○       Well Known for leading a global organization and supporting organizational members in their pursuit of blockchain based solutions to public sector challenges.

  • Mark Waser, Chief Technology Officer, Government Blockchain Association (GBA)

○       Well Known for his 35+ years of experience in AI, machine learning, business intelligence, and blockchain-based crowd-sourcing and collective intelligence.

  • Dina Ellis, Senior Legislative Advocate and Government Affairs Specialist, Paul Hastings

○       Well known as an influencer in Washington DC for FinTech, JOBS Act, Crypto, STO, Blockchain and DeFi Legislation

Global Blockchain Association Report: The impact on cryptocurrency adoption on government, a study produced by the government blockchain association tax working group

Tickets are available at  Sign up today!

United in the mission to create safe lanes of commerce faster than legislation has ever been crafted before, trusted blockchain brands actively want to work with State and Federal Legislators throughout the fast paced 2021 docket.

Continuum’s monthly #BlockLegs series exists to expedite these critical conversations and connect to blockchain consumers. We keep the tables open all weekend so you can leave a message for the legislators of the US and all Cross Border Payment Global Policy if you were not able to be there Friday night.

We want your voice to be heard. We want you to understand these issues. We want you to be informed and we want your informed voice to echo in global legislation enabling safe commerce.

Hopin provides a familiar conference virtual experience with stage, sessions (roundtables) and networking 1-1.

Together, we are teaching the world to speak Blockchain. Join the conversation.

Expo Booths and Roundtables are available all weekend to foster discourse and collaboration.

This Global Cross-Border and US Bipartisanship inclusive event is brought to you by  #Continuum3000

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Our audience consists of all levels of Blockchain Interested Consumers; Wall Street, Affluence Network, Blockchain Brands, Blockchain Legislation & Thought Leaders, Crypto Celebrities, Blockchain Newbies, Blockchain Accredited Education and more.

Continuum Market evaluates Blockchain products called Cryptocurrencies, identifying their underlying asset attributes and resulting behaviors in consumer adoption and trading markets.

For 3 years, Continuum Markets has identified Crypto Correlations to Global & US economy indicators such as VIX, Nasdaq 100, SP 500, Libor, Nikkei 225, Futures & Open Interest, GDP for US, EU, Brexit, China, GCC/MENA, Precious Metals, Edible & Non-Edible Commodities. Dashboards & APIs coming in Q2 2021.

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