Corporate gifts for international guests: how to choose the right gift?

Corporate gifts for international guests: how to choose the right gift? Startups PlatoAiStream PlatoAiStream. Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

Corporate gifts are always a good way to strengthen business relationships and create a positive image. However, the gift must be of suitable value, relevant and stylish – otherwise it can be more of a disadvantage than a benefit. Choose a business gift carefully with its purpose and recipient in mind!

The purpose of corporate gifts is often to strengthen business relationships, thank the customer or create a positive image of the company. You should therefore be careful when choosing a gift: how do you ensure that the gift is of suitable value and relevant to the recipient?

The first step is to find out who the recipient is. Is it a company representative or an individual? Second, think about the purpose of the gift: do you want to thank someone for a job done or highlight your company’s brand identity?

Why are business gifts given to partners?

Corporate gifts are given to international guests because they are good ways to promote cooperation between companies. Gifts can be used, for example, to create positive images of the company and its products or services. Gifts can also be used to show appreciation for the work and contribution of guests. For example, promotional pens with your company’s name printed on them can help your company stay in the mind of a potential partner.

How to choose the right corporate gift?

When choosing a corporate gift, it is important to consider the company’s brand and its message. The gift should also suit the recipient, so that it certainly brings joy and benefit and not just pleases the eye. The selection of corporate gifts is wide, so it is important to think carefully about what your company’s needs are and what the recipient’s wishes are.

For example, a product that represents your company’s brand and communicates its values is suitable as a corporate gift. The gift should also be of high quality and durable, so that it shows the appreciation of your company towards the recipient. When it comes to an international visitor, it is good to choose a specific domestic product to give. This speaks of pride towards the craftsmen of our own country and, on the other hand, also of the high quality of Finnish design.

The impact of corporate gifts on commercial activity

Corporate gifts can have a positive effect on a company’s reputation and brand. Gifts can help create a positive image of the company and its products or services. Corporate gifts can also be used to strengthen existing customer relationships and create new customer relationships.

Gifts can also be used to promote networking between companies and improve competitiveness. Gifts can help distinguish a company from other players in the same industry and make it stand out from the competition, which is why it is especially important to choose memorable products as a gift.

Corporate gifts therefore have several advantages, but they can also lead to the company focusing too much on marketing and forgetting its other goals. Giving gifts should not only be a way to acquire new customers, but should be done thoughtfully and purposefully, for example as a sign of gratitude for a job well done or as an example of the high quality that can be offered to potential customers or partners in the future as well.

When choosing corporate gifts, the recipient’s culture and customs must be taken into account. Choose a gift that suits the recipient and your company. Avoid sensitive topics such as politics and religion. The gift should be of high quality and also valuable, but not extravagant.

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