Cosmos Asset Management, Cboe Australia expand investor access to Bitcoin

Cboe Australia (“Cboe Australia”) is pleased to announce the debut of the Cosmos Purpose Bitcoin Access ETF, (“CBTC”).

In partnership with Cosmos Asset Management, Cboe Australia will launch CBTC on 12 May 2022, providing investors with Bitcoin exposure through the world’s first physically settled Bitcoin ETF, the Purpose Bitcoin ETF.

A fund-of-funds, CBTC invests directly in the Purpose Bitcoin ETF, which has amassed A$1.7 billion in assets under management since its launch in 2021 and invests directly in Bitcoin. The ETF’s Bitcoin assets are secured by world-class cryptocurrency custodian Gemini.

In welcoming CBTC to the exchange, Cboe Australia CEO Vic Jokovic said investors seeking cryptocurrency asset exposure stood to benefit from the growing influx of crypto-backed ETFs.

“We’re excited to introduce the Cosmos Purpose Bitcoin Access ETF to Australian investors.

“By bringing CBTC to market on Cboe Australia, Cosmos is making Bitcoin accessible to investors in a secure and recognisable structure, all underpinned by the first physically settled Bitcoin ETF in the world.”

Cosmos Asset Management CEO Dan Annan said the fund would provide investors with Bitcoin exposure in a familiar manner.

“CBTC is a fund-of-funds and invests directly in the A$1.7 billion world first spot Bitcoin ETF, the Purpose Bitcoin ETF.

“This gives investors a secure and easy way to introduce cryptocurrency to their asset allocation mix using the same tried-and-tested process they are already well acquainted with, and in a liquid and well-regulated market.

“Bringing CBTC to market is a significant milestone for cryptocurrency in Australia, and a critical moment for the growing number of investor’s interested cryptocurrency.”

CBTC will commence trading on Cboe Australia on 12 May 2022 and will be available through Cboe Australia market participants and supporting Australian stockbrokers.

In 2021 Cboe Australia and Cosmos Asset Management introduced the Cosmos Global Digital Miners Access ETF (“DIGA”), giving Australians the ability to invest in the companies building the growing cryptocurrency sector.

About Cboe Australia

Cboe Australia is a regulated stock exchange committed to transforming, improving and growing Australia’s securities and derivatives markets. Cboe Australia has experienced strong and sustained growth and has achieved significant milestones including gaining over 20% market share, a daily record of $5.98 billion traded value in equity trading and up to 50% of the Australian ETF market (trading and reporting). The Cboe Australia investment products platform offers a range of unique products exclusively traded on Cboe Australia, including Funds (ETFs & Quoted Managed Funds), and Cboe Warrants. For more information visit:

About Cosmos Asset Management

Established in 2020, Cosmos is an Australian based asset management company that oversees a range of digital assets, including digital currency, indexed funds and forms partnerships to bring innovative exposures to investors. Cosmos’ goal is to identify and develop specialised public and private offerings, making them accessible to Institutional and Retail investors. Through this, Cosmos aims to be Australia’s preeminent Digital Currency and emerging technology asset manager.

Cosmos Asset Management has been at the forefront of digital currency innovation in Australia. Cosmos was founded by Mawson Infrastructure Group, Australia’s largest digital asset miner and the first Australian digital miner to list in the US (NASDAQ Ticker: MIGI). For more information visit:

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