CropBytes launches the CBX token on Bybit and MEXC

Metaverses create a virtual world combining elements from digital gaming, augmented reality, and social media. While recent times have seen an influx of crypto gaming platforms that allow users a chance to play games in a tokenized ecosystem.

CropBytes has established itself as a metaverse with a growing crypto gaming community ever since its launch in 2018. It has over 250K signups and 100K downloads on PlayStore and AppStore. 

IEO and CBX token listing 

Bybit and MEXC exchanges jointly listed the CBX token on 5 November 2021. Only a total of 6 million tokens were listed between both the exchanges which were quickly sold off during the IEO period. 

The fully diluted marketcap of the CBX token has reached over $454,238,525 with a 24-hour trading volume of $444,250 according to CoinMarketCap. The token also reached an ATH of $3.1 as per CoinCodex. 

Industry leaders speculating on the bullish sentiments of the CBX token stated that while the previous year saw a lot of innovation in the DeFi space, the present year is seeing a similar innovation in the crypto gaming space. CropBytes’s 3-year-old established community has been successful in solving key problems in the crypto gaming space. 

CropBytes’ gaming ecosystem 

CropBytes is a crypto farming game that has created a virtual metaverse giving users a chance to play and grow their in-game portfolio while creating a career path for their characters virtually. Players can choose to grow crops, produce goods, raise farm animals and build their crypto farms. 

CBX is the native token of the CropBytes ecosystem and acts as an in-game currency with several use cases. Mining the token too is an easy process as users just need to play the game and participate in activities and quests to mine the CBX token. It can also be used as a mode of payment and settlement in the ecosystem. 

The varying applications and uses of the token are one of the major reasons behind the CBX token doing well after its launch on the Bybit and MEXC exchanges. 

About Bybit and MEXC Global

Bybit was established in March 2018 and is one of the fastest-growing exchanges that has more than 3 million registered users. The platform aims to provide a professional, innovative, and customer-centric exchange to traders for an intuitive experience. 

MEXC Global was founded in April 2018 as a digital asset trading platform offering users a one-stop service that includes spot, margin, derivatives trading, staking, and leveraged ETFs.  

CropBytes’s CBX token is the first co-IEO decentralized project that has been launched on both platforms jointly. 

Final word 

CropBytes has a unique balanced economy system that uses both fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in their ecosystem. This helps to ensure a smooth flow of liquidity in the marketplace whenever players try to buy or sell assets. 

The recently launched CBX/USDT trading pair holds a lot of potential and provides users with a chance to become a part of the CropBytes ecosystem. The CropBytes team plans to introduce more NFTs in the game and expand the use cases for in-game assets while also listing the CBX token on more exchanges around the world. 

For more information on CropBytes, please check out their official website, marketplace, Twitter, and Telegram (channel).

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