Crypto ETP Provider ETC Group Crosses $2 Billion Worth of AUM

ETC Group, a provider of institutional-grade digital asset-back securities, now has more than $2 billion worth of crypto assets under management (AUM). The company achieved the milestone for the first time in its history.

ETC Group’s Bitcoin ETP alone accounts for more than $1.6 billion worth of AUM. In the last 10 months, the overall value of ETC Group’s AUM increased sharply due to a surge in the popularity of crypto trading products.

As part of its expansion plan, ETC Group recently hired ETF expert Tim Bevan as co-CEO, Julian Kelly as CFO, Monique Pettigrew as General Counsel, and Luke Sayer as Head of Structuring and Regulatory Compliance.

Earlier this year, ETC Group outlined its approach to offset the CO2e emissions associated with BTCE Bitcoin mining and transaction activities. Since the start of this year, the company has expanded its operations significantly.

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“Our continuing success and leadership in the crypto market is testament to not only our team’s considerable efforts and focus on quality and innovation, providing securities that are attractive to investors, but also our partnerships with leading service providers,” Bradley Duke, CEO of ETC Group, said.

$2 Billion Level

ETC Group’s journey towards the $2 billion AUM level received a major push this year as the crypto market cap increased by nearly 300%. The popularity of crypto ETPs in Europe is also on the rise. In August 2021, Eurex announced the launch of Bitcoin ETN futures.

“The pace with which we’ve hit $2 billion AUM, with our leading Bitcoin ETP now over $1.6 billion AUM, indicates continuing increased awareness amongst investors of Crypto ETPs, as well as a clear preference for high quality, physically-backed and regulated securities that faithfully track the underlying crypto,” Duke added in the announcement.

Earlier this year, ETC Group announced the listing of crypto ETPs on the Vienna stock exchange, the national stock market of Austria.