Cryptocurrency News Roundup: Matt Damon Crypto Ad, WWE NFTs, BTC Birthday, Squid Game Crypto Scam

Cryptocurrency News Roundup Matt Damon Crypto Ad, WWE NFTs, BTC Birthday, Squid Game Crypto Scam

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Let’s take a look at all the cryptocurrency news over the last week, recapped and compiled in an easy-to-digest format, listed below:

This CryptoPunk NFT just sold for $530 million. Kind of-

Someone bought an NFT for 124,457 ethereum. The catch? They bought it from themselves.

Read more on CNET.

Matt Damon Stars in Global Crypto Ad ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’-

Famous actor Matt Damon is starring in an ad for cryptocurrency platform


Matt Damon in ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’.

Patreon Considers Allowing Creators to Use Crypto for Monetization-

Patreon is pondering the idea of letting creators in its platform issue their own creator coins.


WWE Partners With Blockchain Creative Labs to Announce NFT Marketplace-

The partnership will allow WWE to create NFTs that celebrate its most iconic moments and Superstars.

Read more on Gadget360.

The Squid Game Cryptocurrency Scam- What Happened?-

Hodlers are still unable to sell their tokens, and all of the SQUID social media channels have gone silent.

Read more on Bitcoin Chaser.

Squid Game cryptocurrency turns out to be a scam.

Burger King teams up with Robinhood to give away Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin-

The fast-food chain is “offering crypto in a way that’s accessible and digestible, through our food,”

Read more on USA Today.

Binance halts withdrawals as it struggles to deal with a large backlog-

Binance halted withdrawals for just under two hours on Monday as it struggled to clear a large backlog.

Read more on Business Insider.

13 Years Ago, Satoshi Nakamoto Gave Birth To Bitcoin-

It was on this day, 13 years ago, when Bitcoin’s white paper was shared with the world.

Read more on India Times.

Bitcoin turns 13 years old.

Grammy NFTs On Deck After Recording Academy Strikes Deal With OneOf-

The Recording Academy has struck a deal to release NFT collectibles for the next three Grammy Awards.

Read more on Billboard.

Huobi Launches Trial for NFT Marketplace-

Huobi Group today announced the launch of a trial for Huobi NFT, a NFT marketplace.

Read more on PR Newswire.

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