DigiMax Releases Latest CryptoHawk Feature – ALTCOIN RADAR

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 29, 2021

TORONTO/ Plato Data Intelligence –DIGIMAX GLOBAL INC. (the “Company” or “DigiMax”)
(CSE:DIGI) is excited to announce it is adding ALTCOIN RADAR to its CryptoHawk trading tools.
This represents the third feature expansion for CryptoHawk in addition to LONG-SHORT
INDICATORS for Bitcoin and Ethereum, and TREND WATCH for select high-value market cap
The AI-driven ALTCOIN RADAR lists the top 100 Altcoins that meet two essential criteria:
1) The coin is available on a credible cryptocurrency trading platform; and,
2) The coin is monitored for attributes that give it some likelihood of a near-term significant price
The top monitored coins are listed in order of their Coin Momentum Score. The Altcoin Radar
separates the coins into two lists. One list showcases “blipping” coins on the radar, that Altcoin Radar
indicates as having the highest likelihood of rising in the market. The other list is continuously being
monitored for changes in coin momentum. When applying and testing our new AI feature, we detected
the early rise of both Shiba Inu and Dogecoin.
The CryptoHawk AI engine adds a considerable level of additional social media and crypto industry
data. By combining these data sources for Altcoin Radar, traders will gain higher confidence in our
Combining all three of CryptoHawk’s predictive tools makes CryptoHawk a very complete and
powerful AI system compared to any similar tools available in the market today. It also allows traders
to move through three different trading styles depending on their appetite. These include:
1) Long-Short Indicators – Day Trading
2) Trend Watch – Swing Trading
3) Altcoin Radar – Spot Trading
Altcoin Radar offers a radical departure from predictive AI models that require historical financial and
seasonal Big Data. The CryptoHawk AI engine’s ability to analyze real-time momentum and attitude
allows more recent cryptocurrencies to be monitored. This breakthrough makes the CryptoHawk AI
solution appealing to a broader audience seeking gains from sudden, or even unexpected, runs.
DigiMax is also a customer of its own AI services. DigiMax has invested Cdn $1 million into the
DigiMax Growth Fund and it manages a similar amount in its own trading account. The goal in both
of these investments is to use CryptoHawk tools to earn a targeted 10% or more per month while
keeping overall volatility of the total investment low. To date, these goals have been sporadically
achieved even though every trade is not a winner.
Other News
● The DigiMax Growth Fund had its September 1 launch burdened by slow bank transfers and,
as a result, suffered from entering positions in the middle of high volatility in early September.
Since this high volatility is not a typical product of CryptoHawk used with modulated trading,
the fund was relaunched on November 1 as DigiMax Alpha Fund. There are a number of
substantial size investors interested in investing in the Alpha Fund, but they are waiting to see
results over 1 to 2 quarters before making those investments.
● CryptoHawk attracts new subscribers at both the basic and premium levels, but net subscribers
have remained below 1,000 across 5 continents. The addition of Altcoin Radar and the growing
association with the gaming industry is expected to increase the subscriber base substantially.
In response to market feedback and demand, we expect an additional increase in adoption once
the CryptoHawk mobile App is released in early January 2022 on both Apple and Android.
● From September 1 through to November 27, 2021, the second CryptoHawk trading tool, Trend
Watch, has returned just over 16% return to investors from who took the same size position
each time a trend change was indicated by the tool.
● The Projected Personally Interpreter (PPI) solution is being tested by, or is in advanced
discussions with, significant law enforcement agencies across North America for its
implementation through DataNavee services. The Company is also in discussion with
companies in several other verticals for the implementation of the technology.
Where Do We Go From Here
● With the evolved suite of CryptoHawk predictive services, DigiMax can leverage more of its
relationships with collaboration partners to broaden the CryptoHawk user base.
● With CryptoHawk offering a wider selection of trading insight options, crypto trader novices
and enthusiasts will be empowered and incentivized to share their success, strategies and build
communities that will further and organically grow our user base.
● The Company plans to introduce a “freemium” version of CryptoHawk when it launches the
mobile app to allow users to experience the value of our predictive indicators while
incentivizing conversion of freemium users to paid subscription services.
● The Company will get more involved in large gaming events as a sponsor and participant to
increase awareness of its targeted user communities.
● The Commodity Fund and B2B Commodity App will be available at the beginning of next
● Throughout 2021 the Company has invested in research and growing its AI engineering and
software development team to improve and maintain our suite of AI products. With our
solutions reaching feature maturity, the Company can leverage its resources and apply them to
new opportunities and new vertical markets seeking to augment their business and insight
through AI.
● With a 2021 resource and solution ramp-up, the Company’s 2022 roadmap includes an agile
data science and AI engineering team dedicated to improving the AI engine performance and
solutions of its existing products. Going forward, the Company’s distinctive and competitive
AI approach is rooted in detecting and harnessing the evolution of emerging market
opportunities that can be disrupted through early recognition and prediction of social patterns
that point to superior and reliable gains.
About DigiMax
DigiMax is an Artificial Intelligence technology Company committed to unlocking the potential of
disruptive technologies by providing advanced financial, predictive, and cryptocurrency solutions
across various verticals. DigiMax is an official IBM partner, and the Company’s engineering team has
extensive experience in Machine Learning, Neural Language Processing, AI, Big Data and
Cryptocurrency technology.
To learn more, visit our website:
Thierry Hubert Chris Carl
Chief Technology Officer President & CEO
214-713-8014 416-312-9698

Source: Plato Data Intelligence