DigiMax to Launch CommodityHawk – AI Driven Commodity
Price Trend Prediction Tool for Institutional Investors


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DigiMax to Launch CommodityHawk – AI Driven Commodity
Price Trend Prediction Tool for Institutional Investors

TORONTO, ON / Plato Data Intelligence / September 28, 2021 / DigiMax Global Inc. (the “Company”
or “DigiMax”) (CSE:DIGI)(OTC:DBKSF), a company that provides artificial intelligence (“AI”) and
cryptocurrency technology solutions, is pleased to announce it has entered an agreement with
Delphi AI Systems Inc (“AI”) to utilize their previously developed, and currently enhanced artificial
intelligence tools to track 10 separate commodities to predict price direction.
In a service that is similar to the CryptoHawk Price Trend Watch, CommodityHawk will be offered
to institutional traders and commodity producers seeking to hedge inventory positions or profit
from trading. The service will be available before the end of 2021 and will be priced at $US 1,000
per month for 4 commodities and $500 per month for each additional commodity up to a maximum
of $3,500 per month. Since direct trials commenced at the beginning of 2021, CommodityHawk
has demonstrated an ability to beat buy-and-hold strategies by a significant margin. Accordingly,
this prediction tool provides an excellent return on the monthly cost for anyone trading $100,000
or more on average.
Commodity Hawk will be 100% owned by DigiMax but affiliate fees of up to 20% will be shared
with Delphi dependent on the number of users they attract to the service. Both DigiMax and
Delphi will use their growing global investor channels to share this highly valuable service with
DigiMax and Delphi will also commence work immediately on creating sister hedge funds
(trading will be simultaneous in each) domiciled in Cayman Islands and in the US. The Cayman
fund will likely be available first as it will be registered as a related fund to its Crypto Hedge
Fund whereas the US fund will require new registration. At least one of the funds is expected to
be operational on or before the end of 2021. These funds will be owned on an equal basis
between Delphi and DigiMax and will be enabled to trade all commodities on behalf of unit
holders of the fund.
About Delphi
Delphi Analytics is a decade-old technology company that utilizes a variety of data analytics,
models and machine learning to generate algorithms to increase predictability and outcomes in
trading and corporate financial risk management. Delphi constructs proprietary algorithms and
indices (termed AiCi’s = Artificial Intelligence Confidence Indices) as well as develops AiCi’s for
specific/custom use.
About DigiMax
DigiMax is an Artificial Intelligence technology company committed to unlocking the potential of
disruptive technologies by providing advanced financial, predictive, and cryptocurrency solutions
across various verticals. DigiMax is an official IBM Watson partner, and the Company’s
engineering team has extensive experience in Machine Learning, Neural Language Processing,
AI, Big Data and Cryptocurrency technology.
To learn more, visit our website: https://digimaxglobal.com/
Damon Stone
Fund Investor Communications
Chris Carl
President & CEO
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