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eShark Token: What is it?

The eShark Token offers gamers and investors a trusted transaction management platform based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. This decentralized, open, and fair network brings gamers, investors, traders, and exchangers together. And it provides an automated and transparent investment system based on smart contracts.

With eShark Token, gamers can conduct safe and convenient transactions worldwide between users, players, companies, e-sports teams, developers, and game publishers.

It’ll also establish a means for gamers to vote for eSports teams, game influencers, eSports managers, game streamers and all Gaming-related industry matters through blockchain technology.

What makes it unique?

    1. Wallet. Simple and economical transactions are possible on the ESHK digital wallet, as well as connecting with other digital wallets for enhanced accessibility;
    2. Safe and secure. Every transaction in the gaming marketplace is secure by using a private key, which can further be verified with a public key;
    3. Buy and sell. Token will allow users to select the platform of their choice;
    4. Voting Right. Having the right to vote allows gamers to play a significant role in the gaming industry, preventing market manipulation and monopolies;
    5. For Gamers. With blockchain technology, barriers between game developers, games platforms, and event organizers will be removed. ESHK owners have the right to vote, allowing them to control the ecosystem;
  • Smart Contract. To automate the execution of a contract, eShark sends encrypted blockchain transaction records across the network. By improving the platform, users can expect it to be faster, more efficient, more accurate, more secure, and more transparent while retaining the current fee structure.

eShark Token backed by secure blockchain technology and safe smart contracts represents the future of gaming and trading. And it’ll become available for trading on the P2PB2B exchange in November. If you have an interest in this project, you have a fantastic chance to become a member of its community.

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