Ethereum eSports Betting: How to Get Started

ethereum esports betting

Nowadays, if you are interested in gambling, it’s hard to say you have never heard of cryptocurrency. It is no longer the question of what is cryptocurrency but rather which cryptocurrency is the best option. When you looking at one’s financial options, it is hard to make a blanket call on what is the best route to go, but as far as what we can see, when it comes to online gambling one of the best and most rewarding routes to go would be making use of Ethereum in the esports betting category.

The Rise of eSports

Every online entertainment avenue seems to be gaining momentum as of late. eSports betting is one of the avenues that have taken off to unexpected heights. With the constant growth in the world of tech and virtual communication, the online gaming industry has exploded into something no one saw coming. The major success of social platforms, such as Twitch has brought awareness to the industry, giving esports professionals a place to showcase their skills and open the industry up and make it accessible to all gamblers.

The gaming industry has changed immensely, and with every change that has happened over the years, the online gaming experience became not only more ‘real’ but also more competitive. Not only from the aspect of the player against the player but also the race to design and perfect the ultimate online esports betting experience.

In the past 4 years, the esports betting industry has seen an overall betting increase of 10.3 billion dollars. In 2016, American esports enthusiasts wagered 649 million dollars on cash gambling websites. By the end of 2020, this amount is expected to reach 11 billion dollars.

Betting with Ethereum on eSports

Betting Ethereum on eSports

eSports has been steadily gaining popularity in the last few years, and part of that demand is thanks to the ever-growing world of crypto. eSports is an insanely wealthy industry, estimating that Americans alone will place bets that equate to the value of $13 billion by the end of 2020.

The biggest target market for Ethereum eSports betting participants is between the ages of 18 and 34, meaning that the crowd that is partaking in eSports betting is in with the trends and most likely tech-savvy. 

Trendy, tech-savvy gamblers, would love nothing more than a gambling avenue that incorporates all these interests, and that is why Ethereum esports betting have joined forces, soon to become the most rewarding gambling avenue to go down.

The Advantages of Ethereum eSports Betting

Ethereum is one of the leading cryptocurrencies, coming in second to the highly regarded Bitcoin. With many advantages to ETH esports betting, it’s hard to know why more players haven’t taken to the highly rewarding trend. Let’s take a look at the advantages of Ethereum esports betting.

  1. Affordable:  Ethereum makes online esports betting more affordable to those watching the bank balance, as it eliminates most of the middlemen.
  1. Faster: The speed of the transaction is incredible. With players no longer needing to wait on transactions, Ethereum esports betters are able to get knee-deep in multiple esports events that are all scheduled for the same time.
  1. Bigger rewards: Ethereum esports betting equates to bigger rewards thanks to the nifty and fast-paced transactions, allowing you to take every opportunity with both hands. Not only is speed a huge contributing factor to the advantages of Ethereum betting but the cheap transactions allow gamblers to save where they can, letting the gamble go that much further.
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How to Get Started with Ethereum eSports Betting

Another advantage of gambling with Ethereum is that it’s easy to get your hands on. It just takes a few simple steps, and you will be the proud new owner of critically acclaimed cryptocurrency, Ethereum.

Follow these 4 steps to start your Ethereum esports betting adventure.

1. Open a Cryptocurrency Wallet

Ethereum is attainable through most cryptocurrency wallets. The wallets we would recommend are :

2. Enter Your Financial Details

Once you have decided on the preferred e-wallet, gamblers will now have to sign up to the wallet by following the provided steps, this will include adding any personal information such as your financial details, in order to make the exchange for Ethereum.

3. Purchase ETH

Now that the signup process is complete and you have entered all the correct financial information needed for successful exchange, gamblers can now go ahead and make the purchase.

4. Find an Ethereum Gambling Site

Now it’s time for fun! Finding your preferred Ethereum esports betting site. eSports is filled with thrill and enormous rewards. Whether you are learning the rope or improving on your play, it is important to find an esports betting site that is safe and secure.

To get you started, here is a list of our top 3 Ethereum esports betting sites.

sports and casino

Sports and Casino

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Esport Betting Categories

Ethereum gambling is an advantage no matter what avenue you choose to go down. If you enjoy classic gambling, take a look here to find out where the best place is to play. But if you are looking for a more action-packed adventure, then carry on reading to find out which are the best Ethereum esports betting sites.

Right now the biggest Ethereum esports game options are League of Legends, DOTA2, and Hearthstone and one of the most recent upcoming esports games, Fortnite. Each of those games provides players with many Ethereum esports betting options. Weigh out your options and choose the betting category that you are most confident about.

These are the most common esports betting categories:

  • Handicap betting
  • First kill
  • Tournament winner
  • Match winner
  • First map.
  • Accumulator bets

Enter the World of eSports

eSports opens doors to world gamblers never believed possible, from the incredible designed graphics to the high rewarding betting features, Ethereum esports betters get to indulge in a true gambler’s dream. The advantage of Ethereum gambling combined with the action-packed world of esports makes a rather thrilling gambler. So without further ado, enter into a world of Ethereum esports betting.