FPM.Global: Best monetization on the affiliate market!

FPM’s partner programs represent an excellent opportunity for a primary or additional income stream in which you generate money by attracting new clients on the internet. FPM.Global works in the financial sector, which is one of the highest yielding, both in terms of conversions and payout amounts. Do you write Forex analysis on your own website, run a cryptocurrencies blog or perhaps manage a Telegram channel that focuses on these topics? If so, then FPM.Global could help you optimize your traffic monetization!

Who is FPM.Global?

Financial Partners Marketing is a leading global partner network specializing in exclusive financial offers. In 2021, FPM was named “Best Partner Program” at the European Global Banking and Finance Awards. The company offers its affiliates the chance to promote two of the highest-returning brands in their respective industries: Libertex for the Forex and CFD markets and an All-in-one Crypto platform for the digital assets market.

How do I make money doing that?

The essence of a partner program is relatively simple: the partner (also known as an affiliate, arbitrator or webmaster) attracts the attention of potential clients to the brand via links, banner ads or any other form of redirection. Under the partner program, the client is assigned a unique number (ID) that is linked to the partner who referred him or her. Provided that the program’s terms are met, the partner is compensated for attracting the client.

What do I need to take part?

There are no strict requirements to meet if you wish to become an FPM.Global partner: you can promote the company using your personalized link on your own website, blog, social media or e-mail newsletters. However, please note that spam messaging is not considered an acceptable promotion method. To join the program, all you have to do is register on the portal.

Which scheme should I choose?

CPA by country: this provides fixed remuneration for every referral. Depending on the referral’s geographical location, the affiliate will receive a one-time payout of up to $1200.

Revenue share or Revshare: this provides the partner with lifetime compensation, whereby the percentage commission paid to him or her is dependent on how active he or she is (number of referrals in a reporting period), up to 50% of the gross income (spread on each trade).

Hybrid plan: this is a lower lump-sum remuneration scheme, but it’s supplemented with lifetime commission payouts.

How do I receive my money?

As soon as all the program’s terms and conditions are met, the funds will be credited to the partner’s personal account. Payouts are made each month without delays. Our withdrawal methods include bank transfer, QIWI, PayPal, Skrill, UnionPay, WebMoney, YooMoney and cryptocurrency transfers.

Why is FPM.Global profitable?

Your personal account contains detailed statistics on client conversions and activity, which will enable you to optimize your own promotion channels and reach maximum efficiency. Our partners receive promotional materials, training clips and support from a personal manager, all free of charge, while the amount of compensation paid out as part of FPM program’s is among the highest in the market. Since its inception, the effectiveness of FPM’s offers has been endorsed by over 20,000 partners. Learn how to make your traffic work for you and register with FPM.Global today!

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