Government Blockchain Association (GBA) Announces Blockchain Demo Day, Innovation with a Social Impact June 18-19th. “Blockchain Liberty for All”

The Government Blockchain Association, GBA, is hosting a pitch competition, and now is the time to make your pitch at the Blockchain Demo-Day, Innovation with a Social Impact.

On June 18-19, 2021, the Government Blockchain Association, GBA, is organizing ‘Blockchain & Liberty for All’, a virtual conference where GBA members present how blockchain is bringing opportunity to all demographics. On the second day of this event, Saturday, June 19th, GBA will host a pitch competition, running in parallel to the main event, where startups and scale ups can showcase their blockchain technology projects that aim to impact society at scale. Winners will receive cash prizes, recognition, coaching sessions, and the chance to present their idea in front of a distinguished panel of judges.

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Source: PlatoData Intelligence