GreenHeart CBD launches mobile app and verifies CBD token security

GreenHeart CBD, an Irish CBD tech company, has announced the launch of their official mobile app, initially available on Google Play, with the App Store soon to follow. The app operates as a B2B and B2C platform, connecting customers, investors and farmers to the GreenHeart CBD token ecosystem.

An ecosystem in an app

Running on Binance Smart Chain, CBD is the central currency of the Greenheart CBD mobile app, utilizing Binance Coin (BNB) as gas.

Customers can use the app to purchase a variety of CBD products, availing of a 40% discount when using CBD tokens. To maintain the ecosystem, 10% of all CBD tokens spent in the mobile app will return to the ecosystem in the form of staking. These staking pools with significant APY will enable the community to fund potential partner farms, enabling farmers to switch to a more profitable crop: hemp for CBD production.

GreenHeart CBD has committed itself to making a difference in today’s world with a unique and original approach to helping farmers climb from the poverty trap.
– Liam Robertson, chief executive of Alphabit Fund.

To maintain traceability and transparency, users can scan their product’s barcode before purchase and produce a detailed seed-to-sale rundown. This includes where it came from, which farm produced it, and the manufacturing steps taken to make the final product.

V2 will welcome GreenHeart CBD partner farms

Version two of the app will introduce a portal for farmers. Through the app, farmers will be able to apply directly to become GreenHeart CBD partners to receive everything they need to switch to CBD production. This includes seeds, drones, modular extraction units and packaging as well as ongoing training and expertise.

Once their applications have been verified and approved, they will be able to add their GreenHeart CBD shops to the map and sell their products globally and locally with ease — utilizing the established GreenHeart CBD customer base through the app.

A token ecosystem that is secure and monitored

As with any other technology, blockchain is not an impenetrable force. That is why GreenHeart CBD has opted for token security analysis and monitoring, provided by CerTik. Auditing tokens can provide peace of mind by identifying vulnerabilities so that they can be fixed — before they become a problem for investors. This proactive approach is integral to creating a trusted cryptocurrency ecosystem.

By having an audit completed, GreenHeart is ensuring that CBD is here to stay as a driving force in the GreenHeart CBD ecosystem, as well as in the cryptocurrency market. Establishing trust in both the company and its blockchain is integral to maintaining the long-term viability of the CBD token and increasing its value over time.

Going further with Skynet

Technology is ever-changing. The solution is never one and done, particularly in something as important as a token with real-world applications. This is why GreenHeart has opted for ongoing monitoring with Skynet, CertiK’s 24/7 security analysis for smart contracts.

Using static and dynamic technologies, which CertiK calls Security Primitives, a similar concept to security service endpoints but applied to smart chains, Skynet will be scanning the CBD token for vulnerabilities and assessing the Security Score. This thwarts potential attackers before they can cause damage to the smart contract and ensures that the CBD token is safe and secure for anyone using it in or outside of the GreenHeart CBD app.

About GreenHeart CBD

GreenHeart CBD Ltd, an Irish company started by two childhood friends, Mark Canavan and Paul Walsh, is innovating to improve the entire CBD production process. Creating their ecosystem using DeFi blockchain and artificial intelligence, they are working towards full traceability and transparency for their products.
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