Growth Hacking: How Removal.AI Increase in Website Traffic over 700K Monthly Visitors in Just 5 Months?

Want to know a secret? Removal.AI did not grow over 400,000 monthly visitors overnight. 

In fact, a grueling mix of marketing strategies, the best SaaS tools, promotional platforms, plenty of sleepless nights, manifold experiments and testings, and countless cups of coffee did the trick. 

It was a growth hack! From only 400K traffic last month, now it blowed up to 700K monthly visitors. 

Growth Hacking: How Removal.AI Increase in Website Traffic over 700K Monthly Visitors in Just 5 Months? Blockchain PlatoAiStream PlatoAiStream. Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

It seems impossible but this post will eventually make you believe that it can happen.

From Humble Beginnings…

Removal.AI was first launched back in August last year. Knowing that, it is extremely challenging to rank in search engines. There are numerous factors that affect ranking results. However, the team behind believed in their product and what they always aimed for is to improve it even more.

Upon research, their marketing team found out that the digital marketing and e-commerce industry is projected to grow huge in 2023. Even before the global pandemic, it was projected that worldwide retail sales from online shops will grow by up to 22%. They held on to this fact, thus their intention to offer a reliable image editing tool.

Growth Hacking: How Removal.AI Increase in Website Traffic over 700K Monthly Visitors in Just 5 Months? Blockchain PlatoAiStream PlatoAiStream. Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

The team somewhat anticipated this trend so they have developed this revolutionary tool using AI technology. Outstanding quality outputs are guaranteed and, initially, that was only what the team had at the table.

Although competition was high, Removal.AI formed a trusted local SEO team for its marketing campaigns. Google always changes their algorithms so they observe and monitor rankings for websites and targeted keywords, everyday.

Started from the bottom…

With their working knowledge about growth hacks, search engine optimization and continuous search for information about their industry, primarily with their competitors, they have created a concrete plan that proved to be successful. In just about 5 months, Removal.AI averages 700K thousand visits per month.

How They Did It

What seemed to be impossible materialized in such a short period. Here’s how they made Removal.AI as the Fastest Growing Online Image Background Remover and Photo Editor Software company.

1. Picking the Right Domain Name.

Your domain name reflects your brand, values, and identity. As for the company, Removal.AI was chosen as a domain name because of three reasons:

It Establishes Brand Visibility

It is short but one can instantly understand what they do from just reading it. Unrelated domain names can cause confusion and really long ones are forgettable. It offers a background removal service and its domain name showcases what it does best.

It is SEO-Friendly

Search engines also get confused with the wrong domain name. Worst comes to worst, they can flag domain names as spam and this will cost your search traffic. It could potentially hurt possible earnings. Removal.AI is on point as it does not only introduce the brand and service but also hits the keyword need.

It Speaks about its Purpose

Top-level generic domains, like .com, may be popular but with a niche-specific domain name extension (.AI), users are aware that it offers services using AI solutions. This style is gaining popularity because internet users are smart enough to recognize domain names that are related to the niche that they are looking for.

2. Formulate an Actionable Content Plan

Visualizing a structure for a content plan made it easier for the Removal.AI marketing team to implement it. They identified Search Intent and SaaS Marketing as crucial concepts in their content strategy.

Search Intent

Content is king but search intent completely redefines how we should produce content. It used to be that the best way to land top ranks is by building links. With search intent, copies that are optimized to answer to the user’s search intent are used to rank.

In a nutshell, search intent is the goal that the user has set when doing a search engine search. So when someone is typing “background remover” on Google, the first ten websites on the results page are all image editing tools. When you search for “background removal”, it is expected that websites about image editing tools specific for removing image backgrounds will show up.

Growth Hacking: How Removal.AI Increase in Website Traffic over 700K Monthly Visitors in Just 5 Months? Blockchain PlatoAiStream PlatoAiStream. Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.offer a reliable image editing tool

This means that when planning to create content about a specific target keyword, you must first have to discover the search intent. Once you have identified the search intent, you then can:

  1. Produce relatable content. Maximizing the user experience says a lot about how content is accepted. There are a few ways you can make the user want to read the content instead of closing the page. Some of these are as follows:
  • Pop up ads should be very minimal if it cannot be avoided. The exit tab should also be visible so that the audience do not feel obligated to see unwanted ads.
  • Using the correct font size on both the article and the subheadings will make it easier to read.
  • Explain the topic quicker using visuals such as infographics, videos, and images.
  1. Check the bounce rate. Aim for above 20% when monitoring bounce rates. If you can’t achieve this then you should…
  2. Enhance your web copy. Identify problematic pages and make a way to fix them. Add new ideas or get creative in exploring the topic.
  3. Use the Featured Snippet Box. A quick glance to the Featured Snippet box should be enough to make the user interested in the rest of the content.

SaaS Marketing

In order to make the content better, you must learn to make it user-centred.  Removal.AI always put into consideration the following factors in their marketing funnel:

  1. Awareness. The content must be educational, entertaining, and engaging. This will make the user want to know more about the product or the company.
  2. Lead Generation. Once you have captured their interest, you may direct the users to the Middle of the Funnel (MOFu) marketing strategy. At this stage, you may send out useful content, such as infographics and short videos that will help build their confidence in your company.
  3. Freebie Sign-Ups. Make the user experience your products first-hand by offering free sign-ups.
  4. Conversion. When you are able to make the users realize that they need your product, it will be easier to introduce a paid version where they can enjoy premium privileges, like higher resolution downloads.
  5. Customer Retention. Introducing a credit earning system through referrals is a simple way to encourage retention and having new customers.

3. Offer a Free Tool to Retain Visitors

Make every user’s visit worthwhile with an offer of a free product or service. New users and returning ones will immensely enjoy the freebie, driving enough traffic to sustain the website.

You may also offer a free account system where users get to earn credit after signing up. They can also earn more credits by making other users sign up.

This kind of rewards system will make users go back and eventually rely on your product.

4. Track Competitors and Your Data Using Webmaster and Analytics Tools 

Google already provides the tools that you will need to monitor your ranking. All that you need to do is explore what they do. Google Webmaster Tools, for example, will serve as your guide in your marketing effort. It will provide information for you to see which campaigns appeal to your audience the most. 

Aside from your own data, these tools are also good in sourcing out information about how the competition fares in the rankings game. This will allow you to study their campaign and compare it with your overall content strategy. 

5. Invest Expert Authorship by Guest Posting

Removal.AI’s most powerful outreach strategy is guest blogging. They collaborate with authoritative sites to maximize the guest posting strategy. Here are few samples of their guest posts in these DA 40+ sites:

You can instantly widen your reach if you are able to guest blog on authoritative sites within your niche. You can do this by:

  • Looking for reputable sites to collaborate with. Getting featured on established sites will give you a good reputation among search engines. Just make sure to choose sites that are related to your own in order to maintain coherence.
  • Ask permission from the editor. It is necessary to make the introduction and ask for permission before sending your pitch and article intent.
  • Respect guest posting guidelines. There is usually a format to be followed when submitting guest posts. They must be followed in order to increase chances of getting approved.
  • Wait patiently for approval. Editors can be bombarded with guest post submissions. You may wait for a week or two before moving on to a new site.

6. Do Not Disregard Facebook Advertising

Additional traffic is guaranteed when you get your Facebook promotions right. Here is how you can do that:

  • Choose an appropriate Facebook Ad type. Facebook has a lot of ad types so try to study which one will yield more traffic to your site.
  • Use Facebook Analytics. Maximize these tools to better understand your target audience. You can even track your conversions to see how effective your ads are with Facebook Pixel.
  • Use Facebook Remarketing. With this tool, you can target customers more effectively and send out relatable content. 
  • Follow ad specifications. Facebook ads can be pricey so make sure to do it right. Do not risk having some parts of your ads cut off just because you did not follow the correct image dimensions or video format.

7. Product Hunt Exposure

Product Hunt will enable you to introduce your product to marketers and makers. This community will vote for popular products so it is great if you want to get introduced to a wider audience. 

Removal.AI launched their product on January 27. And they got recognized as #5 Product of the Month despite launching three days before the month ended.

Growth Hacking: How Removal.AI Increase in Website Traffic over 700K Monthly Visitors in Just 5 Months? Blockchain PlatoAiStream PlatoAiStream. Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

Fruitful Results: Removal.AI organic traffic increased from 0 to 17K… 87K… 240K… 400K… and now over 700K monthly visits! — Actually, 712,000 to be exact at this point of moment.

Growth Hacking: How Removal.AI Increase in Website Traffic over 700K Monthly Visitors in Just 5 Months? Blockchain PlatoAiStream PlatoAiStream. Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

It may take time but with hard work and team effort, it is possible to get astounding results in as little as 5 months, like what they did. 

Here are some takeaway… from the Removal.AI growth hacking experiences and best practices:

  1. Offer quality above all else. Users would appreciate receiving a product or service that is of topmost quality. It will be the first thing that they will consider in deciding whether to stay or not with your company.  
  2. Exceed expectations with your content. A consistent flow of good quality content can help maintain interest and establish customer loyalty.
  3. Get ready to invest. Expect to spend on your campaign if you are after quality. Either you hire good writers for exceptional content or collaborate with developers if you are in the SaaS industry. It is the kind of investment that would yield long-term ROI so do not think about wasting money on experts.
  4. Respect site visitors with fewer ads or no ads at all. A barrage of ads looks desperate and off-putting. You can instead offer freebies to make their time on the site worthwhile.
  5. Maintain brand integrity. It is important to always be honest with your customers. Do not be afraid to recognize your flaws and show them that you are willing to change those mistakes for better products or services.
  6. Do not be content with SEO alone. Explore other platforms to introduce your product. Maximize social media. Social media platforms can give impressive results when done correctly. Use it early to have another channel for promotion.
  7. Follow Google guidelines. There’s no shortcut to success so do not even try to mess with Google.
  8. Consider mobile optimization. Many of your customers might already be accessing your site through a mobile device. Make your content mobile-friendly to ensure maximum content enjoyment across devices.
  9. Choose where you are putting your links. Focus on building linkages with authoritative sites to gain more traction.
  10. Be patient. Expect zero to low traffic in the first weeks. Never get discouraged because progress is a slow but steady process.
  11. Be consistent. Wooing both search engines and users will take time. Being consistent with the best efforts will help get you into the rhythm to success.

“The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it”. There might be no short cut to success but working hard to learn everyday will surely get you the traffic that you want for your site.

Source:- Plato