Hello Humanity: Announcing BlocksOfTime

I believe you and I are more similar than different. We both strive daily to become better people. We are trying to accomplish our goals, reach new heights, and help our fellow humans when we can. We try to live life to the fullest and with the most joy possible. Whether we accomplish this through religion, social justice, charity, self-improvement, or education, we all have an inner drive. It’s the most beautiful part about being human.

For all of these accomplishments, we wish our impact is great enough to be remembered for years to come. When we are all old and wrinkled, we will look back on our lives and we wonder what we accomplished. Was I chasing money? Did I only seek pleasure? Did I give aid to anyone? The moments and relationships we formed over our years are momentary but we wish for these times to last forever. That’s why we engrave our names on trees with a heart around it. It is a symbolic way to live on and cherish that relationship. It’s the same reason millions of people put love locks on bridges all around the world like at the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris. It is our way of saying, “I was here.”

We have this human need to be remembered. We need to know that what we do has importance and the lessons we acquired over decades were not for nothing. We want to shared these lessons with people who can also use them and optimize the potential good that can come from our life experiences.

As the world becomes more digital and assets become less tangible. So can our life stories and lessons. Our stories themselves can become assets. If one wants to explore others’ journey’s, they now can like never before. If one wants to know what it was like growing up in India, how someone in the United Kingdom started a business or what it means to be a single mother in Brazil, you can now check the BlocksOfTime database. The database is to help others navigate themselves in this world as well as to experience what others have gone through in a new form of a primary source document. It’s not a database owned by any authority or controlled by one person. It is not a way to monetize your life story. It’s a new way to build a legacy. It’s a decentralized time capsule. We are building a community around the human experience.

This community isn’t just for us. It’s for our children, grandchildren and beyond. It is a hash we can give our grandchildren that when searched up shows files of us when we were younger, and stories we wanted to share with them. It is our stamp on the global financial infrastructure of the future. It is our life story stored immutably, trustlessly, and securely on the Tezos blockchain.

BlocksOfTime is a decentralized app (dApp) which allows users to input text into the storage of a smart contract. There will be a subject line to categorize the inputs and the main text box. Here, you will write your story and engrain it forever on the blockchain. There will be a feed of other people’s stories that you can read through and overtime, it will become a database of personal accounts. Version 1 is simply text storage but future versions include tags on the stories, file inputs for photos and videos and timelines where users can input moments in their life in order. Other modes of the dApp include prompts like, What is your best piece of advice for someone starting out their life?, and what moment in your life was the most life-changing? amongst others. In the future, we plan on adding a real time capsule aspect to it — encrypted stories until a set date in time. More advanced versions of BlocksOfTime contain the tokenization of your stories as NFTs and DAO tokens to govern our community. Additionally, BlocksOfTime will be building a decentralized library of history books in the form of tokens to decentralize history and store the information for years to come.

Many people build a community around their product. It’s usually a Saas product, financial tool, NFT platform, etc. Our community is different. It’s not built around the product but around the people themselves. It’s people who want to learn about others, be remembered, and build genuine relationships. In the end, that is all that really matters. The link to register to the Discord is here.

We are all sharing this human experience and our stories bring us together. Check us out at

We will be featuring one person’s story every week on our Medium. If you would like to be featured, please reach out to us on Twitter @blockoftimeio. We all want to hear your story. We are super excited you joined us.

Source: Medium