Hub Star: Take control and generate value from personal data

TRON has grown in its popularity as a blockchain that is flexible and adaptable for users and developers alike. TRON supports smart contracts such as Solidity using protobuf.

While there has been significant growth in smart contracts on the TRON network NFTs are also finding their ground on the blockchain. Some NFTs on TRON have been listed for more than $135K while others are being sold for as much as $620k.

While decentralization and blockchain have helped developers and users to bring innovation to sectors ranging from healthcare to real estate, Hub Star is one such project on the TRON network that is providing people all over the world with a chance to generate value from their data.

Privacy concerns and Hub Star’s solution

While it is common knowledge that user data around the world is collected and sold to companies to get actionable insights and craft a personalized user experience for users.

The Hub Star platform is built with the aim to empower users to create value and monetize their data on their own. This would give them control over their own data and help create their profile the way they want.

Users will get a chance to control their digital footprint and trade it for cryptocurrencies. Hub Star’s browser safeguards user information and only enables websites that are consented by them to access protected information.

Tokenomics and public sale

Hub Star’s token sale is now live on the TRON network. Users also get a chance to access immediate staking for TRX rewards. This forms a 45% share of the total 1 trillion HUBS tokens.

A 15% share of the total tokens would be held by the team while another 10% would be used for marketing. 25% of the tokens would be used in order to gain better traction with the development of products and the remaining 5% of Hub tokens would be airdropped to the token holders over time.

Key features

Hub Star aims to provide a solution to not only users who get a chance to control their data but also helps companies and businesses to get access to premium quality data from users directly. Some of the benefits and services offered by Hub Star are:

  • Insight layer: Users get access to selective sharing, and enabling progressive disclosure which would allow them to share the attributes and data that they select in exchange of the Hub token.
  • Single logon: Hub Star does not use a traditional authentication method and employs a password-less approach. Users on Hub Star create a single sign-in that would integrate any website and automatically authenticate their identity. They only have to create a private key with Hub Star which would enable them to access any website that they want afterward.
  • Incentives: The Hub Star platform plans to reward users with incentives such as airdrops regularly. They have currently planned 3 airdrops: pre and post token sale and after the first years.

Payments and users

The Hub token is the utility token of the platform and would be used to complete all transactions on it. The payment system deployed on Hub Star uses smart contracts which help them execute transactions in a safe and secure manner while also minimizing transaction costs.

The platform offers an alternative to everyone including individual users and also companies who want to protect their data with regard to their online activities.


Data privacy is a major issue that has been cropping up in the past few years as people are raising their concerns regarding it. Hub Star’s platform gives its users a chance to step into the crypto space along with getting the chance to take control over their digital footprint.

Hub Star envisions creating an ecosystem where users and companies can have a mutually beneficial relationship and exchange information and data in a secure and transparent way.

For more information about Hub Star, please check out their official website.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.