Improve Security Posture and Agility at the Edge

By · July 26, 2021

Security attacks can happen anywhere, at any time. Explore the most dangerous edge security risk today and how best manage and mitigate future attacks.

  • 5 Proactive Strategies to stay ahead of security attacks
  • Digi tools to build security into all connectivity solutions
  • Pushing past complacency to take action

Here are some common circumstances: 

  • Deployment of seemingly innocuous connectivity solutions in vast and mission critical networks that are vulnerable to attack
  • Irregular security software updates of decentralization hardware, especially those that require remote updates
  • Deployment of a variety of connected devices with complex architecture and no common toolset to easily manage them
  • Limited physical controls to protect vital network components, especially those outside the security of the data center
  • Insufficient security protocols for license dongles and other critical devices

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