Insights from Davos. Web3 Consolidation Underway. Meta Alliance Launch. Web3 Reserve System.

May 19, 2022 London UK. A consensus is emerging from multiple Davos insiders that the next wave of consolidation is about to hit the Crypto Markets as awareness of Web3 Applications continue to drive volume, growth and outlook. Despite the recent crypto market crash this month, M&A is again on the rise as the Volume of Deals increased 50X over the past year to $ 55B.

“Since Web3 is the precursor to Metaverse market, our team has come up with a way for communities to combat some of the inherent volatility via the creation of a Reserve System for hedging NFT and digital assets” stated Edward Musinski, Founder of the Web3 Reserve System which is backed by Metabook.

 “We help NFT owners and large enterprises to scale their digital asset initiatives by building another layer of Hedged Trust, Meta Alliance and Telewellness UK founder Edward Musinski proclaimed. We have built a highly efficient hedging solution, backed by a pool of NFT and tokens and governed via the Metabook DAO.

 The Reserve pool is key to the growth of value, when innovations are shared with the community, and driven by influencers, like in case (beta version).

The Metabook Reserve pool will be comprised of partners’ tokens with such utility as health, by health data exchange Aimedis, or XR promo, by Arcona.

And the shared creative power of community will drive the mass adoption of blockchain, Metaverse and web3 solutions of Metabook DAO partners.

Plato Integration. Connecting Web3 Metaverse applications

Edward Musinski and Bryan Feinberg, Plato’s founder, have joined forces to create a aimed at consolidation of the best web3 players, to be voted by Metabook community, protected by Reserve system and empowered by toolkit. “We are humbled by the opportunity to serve hundreds of millions of users someday as our platform was designed to securely connect to web3 applications through a single console interface

Metabook by Meta Alliance is a B2B2C platform for mass adoption of web3 Innovation and the first decentralized MetaMarketing leadgen platform.

Platoblockchain is the cross-chain Gateway to the world of Decentralized Gaming, Streaming, Metaverse experience.

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