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Jump with Minotaurus to win a TRIP to Crete!

trip to crete with Endorphina
Jump with Minotaurus to win a TRIP to Crete!

The Minotaurus has already escaped the slot machine and is marching right onto TikTok, Instagram and even Twitter! Why? To bring a heap of new wins for the most daring players. Feel the burst of endorphins by winning valuable prizes in the most extraordinary way in human history!

Turn on your cameras and jump with the Minotaur. Want to know something even cooler? You can become a Minotaur yourself using our realistic Minotaur filter mask to attract unearthly luck and become the winner of this competition.

Ready to jump for your own trip to Crete – the Island of Legends? You will spend 5 days in a luxurious hotel located on the lands of the famous Minotaur, swim in the Mediterranean Sea and be inspired for new victories, which, perhaps, will be legendary.

Hundreds of players are already jumping in hopes of winning Minotaur’s favor, but who will be the one who deserves to win?

Just 4 steps to make your dream come true!

1) Shoot your powerful jumps on video (you can use a realistic Minotaur mask –

2) Publish your video to any of the social networks using the secret hashtag – #JumpToCrete. And don’t forget to tag the host of the competition @endorphinagames #endorphina so your video will be noticed!

3) Check if the profile in which you publish the video is open! You don’t want only your aunts and uncles to see such a cool video, do you?

4) Visit the official Endorphina pages on October 12th to collect your prizes!

The main winner, who will receive a ticket to Crete, will be chosen completely at random! In addition, 3 more jumpers will be carefully selected by the Endorphina team and its partners, and will receive super prizes. If you want to become the owner of one of these branded gifts, then remember –

humor, charisma and originality should become your main allies in this struggle 🙂

Don’t miss the legendary Minotaur march across the Internet! This is a chance to be a part of history!

Join now!

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