Little Baby Doge’s approach to fighting climate change revamps the crypto space

Little Baby Doge is a hyper-deflationary decentralized buyback token, community-driven project that aims to reduce global warming by using the crypto ecosystem to wage a war against climate change!

This budding project is on track to change how society views cryptocurrencies and then some.

Little Baby Doge, an upcoming meme coin project, has vowed to challenge Dogecoin’s approach to the crypto scene by having an actual cause. As per the project’s website, their focus is on revamping the crypto scene by looking for new approaches through which cryptocurrencies can use to fight climate change as well as taking part in charitable endeavors.

According to their Twitter feed, they held an AMA session with their telegram community on September 10 and it helped shed light on how willing society is in fighting global warming.

Pre-Sale Launch Announcement

Little Baby Doge is planning on launching a presale of its utility token on a date to be announced on their socials. According to the team, the presale launch will only occur after they have reached 15,000 telegram members in their main channel. This is aimed at ensuring proponents of the project stand with it right from the inception stages and it also helps create rapport with the team through the AMA sessions the project is famed for.

Also, the team has developed their own DApp to help users during the presale launch. The DApp is set to go live after the launch.

The company is creating a series of step-by-step tutorial videos that go into basic concepts of how to buy the Little Baby Doge ($LBD) token, to help buyers deal with the complexity of the crypto space. 

Little Baby Doge complies with all the necessary KYC/AML procedures protecting both its project and its users from fraudulent activities.


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