Meta Congress and Metaverse superapp to be formed as the result of Catfiz merging with US Meta Alliance.

September 20, 2022 – To achieve lofty purpose of Meta Congress, Edward Musinski (Meta Alliance Corp) and Dr. Fahed Merhebi (Catfiz) are merging the assets into Metabook Sharing Economy platform.

Leveraging more than 10-million combined community of students and creators, teaming up with influencers, new company Metabook plans to grow Catfiz to a 100-million-plus base of skilled profs, and to help thousands of Metaverse firms attract more customers, talent, sales and capital, using DAO mechanism. After its acquisition by Zurich Capital Funds in partnership with ML holding, Catfiz provides users with the value added payment & ecommerce integrations.

Dr Fahed Merhebi and Edward Musinski started with their idea of the first Metaverse/ fintech super app in the world, developing it in discussions on the importance of having meaningful culture of sharing in the company, and what lies ahead for both Metaverse and real world, when colliding suitable adding value apps and services of the top rated startups.
From the moment Dr Fahed Merhebi and Edward Musinski decided to open Metabook in the Middle East, they wanted to build something “big and meaningful”, together with such luminaries, as Dr. Robert Goldman. Almost a decade after their journey with “metabook health-wealth sharing economy”, they are achieving great successes that exceed all expectations, in both cases. The company, which is launched in Dubai as a Metaverse media, has evolved into a full-fledged platform, transforming into a “super app” that works across the region, providing new employment opportunities, and helping millions of people to access its services.

Metabook is to issue Governance NFTs, a sort of licenses for local partners of DAO in all countries. And tokens, for incentivizing contributors to DAO / Catfiz scaling.

“Metabook will operate DAO, the first Sharing Economy and Reserve System of Metaverse. Add in that Meta Alliance’s IP is crucial for companies, aspiring to dominate Metaverse area, such as Netflix and Microsoft, and doing Crowdrating using Plato Technologies.” – Meta Alliance Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr.E.Musinski noted.

Meta Alliance develops XR Metamarketing protocol (based on Arcona platform) and a Network of agents in 20 countries, doing crowdrating and influencer-driven promotion of top rated solutions. “We are building global Revenue Sharing DAO, led by top influencers, such as Brett King, fintech influencer #2 in the world,” – E. Musinski said.

Zurich Capital Finds CEO His Excellency Dr. Fahed Merhebi noted. “This M&A will not only fill unmet market needs but will drive growth of client base that will increase the value and demand in the market for our solutions. In conditions of Metaverse/ web3 investment boom, driven by the interest to DAOs tokens, Meta Alliance has the most favorable position of CrowdRating platform, a sort of Parliament of Metaverse. We’re to occupy this position by Meta Congress © ”

About Meta Alliance;

Meta Alliance builds Metaverse crowdRating & content management standard, and co-founders decided to accelerate the adoption of best Metaverse/ web3 innovations, by giving away the know-how to DAO, Decentralized Agent Organization that creates a Reserve pool of top rated NFTs/digital assets, as a non-profit pool of Metaverse rights, to be shared with DAO members.

Meta Alliance is operating:

In development:

  • Blockchain platform for Clans’ Ambassadors-driven crowdrating
  • Utility Token for marketing partners/ NFT owners, ordering XR promo
  • R&D community for triggering the Clans competition (Clans as driving force for the engagement)
  • Telewellness Health-Wealth Ai-driven platform

About Zurich Capital Finds.

ZURICH CAPITAL FUNDS HOLDING concludes lending and investment commitments in several regions around the world covering major resource, property and industrial and mining projects.

UAE-based Zurich Capital Funds Group recently launched a fully Islamic Shariah-compliant digital bank


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