My Life As A Science Experiment ; Continues


A year ago Every=Ten of Ten doctors told me with confidence that I would Not get better and could not survive with Kidney function of 4.1% and Creatinine of 12.32. Immediate dialysis leading to a hopeful transplant or; death.

I rejected every doctors advice and had this idea that for as long as I can I would reverse engineer manually all the vital functions that kidneys influence. It’s 13 months later and I function well using frequent blood tests to tweak my protocol. It’s a 24/7 job with 20+ pills at 5 different times during each day and monitoring everything I eat and drink. I get shots in the hospital to keep my red blood cells/hemoglobin up as I no longer produce them.
Doctors do universally say ” your healthy skin tone and bright eyes do not reflect your 5% GFR ” No explanation how I tick.

Positivity as a response to a death sentence has been my main vibe. I have had many angels that have been part of my miracle.

Special thanks to Dr Dana Negoi who saved my life and indulged my defying the overwhelming odds and holding on to my full life as long as I can. My 4 beautiful Angels gave me the will to not give up and feel anchored/loved here.

This has been the best year of my life. Every day is really a gift. I feel and hope it’s #notmytimetodie @68

(photo by Edna Brown)