New leaked Arcane trailer shows wholesome moment with Vi, Jinx

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The upcoming animated series for League of Legends is approaching and fans have gotten another look at what’s to come. 

In a clip posted on Weibo, fans see a conversation between Jinx and Vi from before they became enemies. The conversation is taking place on a rooftop in Piltover, with Vi telling childhood stories to her younger sister, Jinx. During the fairly short conversation, Vi points out different objects and locations around Piltover that had an impact on Vi’s life. 

At the end of the wholesome clip between the sisters, Vi talks about how they will stick together and that Jinx, in this clip called Powder, is stronger than she thinks. Vi ends the clip by saying that one day, Piltover will respect the two sisters. 

From the information currently available, this clip is likely either a flashback or part of the first episode introducing the sisters’ past. Other trailers have shown that Jinx and Vi become enemies, with that falling out likely to be a major part of the story. So far, it seems like the series will take viewers through the whole story of the two sisters, starting with their youth and following them on their journey to becoming the characters fans are familiar with.   

The series will air on Netflix later this year. No exact premiere date has been announced but it’s targeted for this fall.

League of Legends Arcane

When will the Netflix LoL animated series Arcane release?

Despite an abundance of info and multiple teasers of Arcane, it’s still unknown what the exact release date on Netflix will be. Months ago, it was promised that Arcane will release on Netflix in autumn 2021 and this is still looking to be the case. Whether it will be in September, October, or November is unknown, but the series is coming sooner than later. When Arcane drops, it’s expected that the entire season will be released at the same time, as Netflix usually does with its new releases. This means that eager fans will likely be able to binge-watch the whole thing in one sitting. 

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