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New MetaMask Mobile App Could Be a Web 3 Game Changer

MetaMask, the popular browser extension that connects user crypto wallets to Ethereum-based websites, will be available later this week (31 Aug – 6 Sep) as a mobile app on the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Launched in 2016, MetaMask’s founding premise of unprecedented user data control and privacy using Web 3 protocols has materialized relatively slowly. But the launch of the new app should speed this up, as well as catalyze further Web 3-based development.

“A Natural and Critical Step

The new app has the potential to upend existing data sharing conventions by removing the need for users to provide sensitive payment information to websites as part of registration and transaction processes.

In such a scenario, users could now use MetaMask to create unique Ethereum addresses for use on different sites, which would significantly limit the amount of user information that is tracked and sold.

Speaking to Bloomberg, MetaMask lead developer Dan Finlay said,

It feels like a natural and critical step in the road to making these tools available to people around the world.

DeFi and the rest of the Web 3 ecosystem may receive a shot in the arm since internet use is no longer restricted to desktop computers. MetaMask, which has about 400,000 browser extension users is currently beta testing the app on roughly 100,000 users.

What the MetaMask App Means for Web 3

According to Jacob Cantele, MetaMask head of product, not only does the app offer the possibility to easily create identity silos for each website, but it also plugs into the seamless interoperability offered by Web 3 development.

Source: MetaMask Medium

The current Web 2 paradigm, which collects and monetizes user behavior data is already being disrupted by Web 3’s enablement of micropayments and enhanced control over that data.

Users can not only choose what data they don’t want to share, but they can also choose to share previously siloed data, which lends itself particularly well to gaming. Cantele explained to Bloomberg,

It’s creating a level of interoperability that was never possible with Web 2.

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