New Tron Partnership Lets Gamers Earn Crypto for Streaming

Refereum, a blockchain-based platform that rewards users for video game engagement and streaming, has partnered with Tron. 

The collaboration allows Refereum to pay out its video game streaming users in Tron’s TRX coin, and BitTorrent’s BTT token, said an April 2 statement provided to Cointelegraph.  

Partnerships, more partnerships, and purchases

Tron bought software company, BitTorrent Inc, in 2018. BitTorrent also utilizes an associated crypto asset called BTT, which is built on Tron’s blockchain. Refereum teamed up with DLive, a blockchain streaming service, near the end of 2019, giving video game live streamers reward-collecting potential. 

Furthering the connective web, Tron made inroads with DLive in December 2019, via a partnership between BitTorrent and DLive. 

Approaching gaming rewards from a number of angles

Dylan Jones, Refereum’s CEO, said the company aims to bring a payment dynamic to game streaming spectators. “It’s our hope that through this partnership with Tron and DLive we can make time at home more interesting for millions of people by offering rewards for watching game streams,” Jones said in the statement. 

Charles Wayn, DLive’s CEO, tied the partnership into the current global coronavirus situation, saying:

“At DLive, we want to do our part in helping stop the spread and contain the coronavirus. Stay indoors, watch your favorite streamers on DLive, and earn rewards! Let’s have some fun and enjoy some great live-streaming content!”

A seemingly natural fit, cryptocurrencies have made their way into a number of video games and virtual reality experiences in recent days. Various blockchain-based virtual reality platforms in particular have made headlines recently, showing folks are willing to pay real money (by way of Ethereum) for digital land.  

Cointelegraph reached out to Tron for additional details, but received no response as of press time. This article will be updated accordingly should a response come in.