NexBloc and Arcade Network Partner to Bring Blockchain Domains to Gaming in the Metaverse

Arcade Network will offer NexBloc’s robust naming structure for NFT and identity management its growing user ecosystem

Tortola, British Virgin Islands, January 19, 2022, NexBloc today announced that it has partnered with Arcade Network, the world’s first decentralized platform providing cross-metaverse asset interoperability, to build out a blockchain domain naming system for in-game assets and user authentication. NexBloc will accelerate its development on Polygon to provide value across Arcade Network’s ecosystem of development partners.

With the rise of multiple metaverse offerings, creating interoperable asset exchange has become one of the most promising advancements in technology for the decentralized space. Assets that are NFT (non-fungible token) can be named as domains under blockchain DNS (bDNS) for the purpose of creating a hierarchy and ownership structure. For instance, rather than having lots of NFT’s as hashes connected to the stored asset, we can now set up a domain structure such as .arc and then yourname.arc. Yourname.arc can act like a website which holds any number of connections to assets. As such, an asset like a shield might be called shield1.yourname.arc.

Using bDNS allows for an evolving system that has similarities with the current DNS structures, making it much easier for everyone to understand how to classify and access their assets. WordPress and blog software allowed anyone to put images into a website and position those assets for use. Likewise, NexBloc and Arcade Network are creating the ability for any metaverse asset to be accessible to various applications and systems.

Dana Farbo, Founder of NexBloc stated “domain naming with human-readable names has proven to be the preferred method of using a web-based environment. As people, we understand this type of a system rather than a hash based or other naming convention. NexBloc will use our omnichain platform to extend the Polygon development for Arcade Network and build a specific environment for cross-metaverse assets.”

Arcade Network Founder Chinka Gupta added “Using NexBloc’s bDNS, we will be able to add significant value to our ecosystem partners and further our mission of creating metaverses on the fly using ArcVerse. We will bring out new tools specific to the gaming world using domains, NFTs and applications that allow for an interconnected world in Web 3.0.”

The rollout of the bDNS for Arcade Network will start with the creation of a bTLD and include a reservation system for gamers to register for blockchain domains beginning February 1st. Other tools will continually be added to increase value to users of the partner network.

About ArcadeNetwork

ArcadeNetwork is a well-defined, intuitive, and resourceful decentralizing platform that provides an advanced experience in gaming metaverses. Powered by Polygon, it provides interoperability in the gaming ecosystem. They also aim to standardize the gaming industry with their $ARC tokens, providing easy transactions at any point in time.

About NexBloC

NexBloc is building the next generation of the internet with blockchain DNS at the core. Blockchain digital entities tied to the decentralized web is the future of personal data protection and use.

Founded as a BVI company in 2021, NexBLOC uses the Butterfly Protocol and other technology stacks to create custom deployments of bDNS systems. They currently have over ten private blockchain top-level domains (bTLD) in various forms of deployment.

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