Owners of Internet Domain Names Can Start Receiving Crypto With Their Addresses

Domain name owners can now start receiving crypto, including BTC, ETH and NFTs thanks to an integration with Ethereum Name Service.

Any domain name, including .com and .cash, can now be a public address for payments across any blockchain. Brantly Millegan, director of operations at Ethereum Name Service, the protocol behind the development, shared an example implementation with The Defiant —, a name registered with the Domain Name System, can now accept BTC, DOGE, and more if configured to do so.

DNS names can also be used as usernames in Ethereum apps — so will show up as your username in apps like Uniswap.

With .eth names, owners are essentially signaling their support for Ethereum, with .com or others, people can remain neutral while still being connected to blockchains for payments and transfers.

There is an advantage to the already available .eth usernames, which have been the Ethereum Name Services’ main offering — there’s no one administrative entity who can tamper with them. DNS domains differ in this respect in that an admin could modify its Ethereum address to point elsewhere. 

Also, registering the DNS name on Ethereum is a complex transaction and as such, requires a lot of gas. Millegan’s guide on how to register a DNS domain name on ENS estimates a price of over $200 in ETH, though the director of operations says the project is working on lowering the cost.

Anheuser-Busch InBev, the owner of Budweiser, recently purchased the “beer.eth,” domain name. Maybe on ENS up next.