Paribus 2023 Roadmap

A Bright Future Ahead

As the new year begins most people use this time to review their past achievements and recalibrate their aims for the future. At Paribus we’re no different, and this gives us the opportunity to add more details to our roadmap based on our latest developments.

The first thing to note about our updated roadmap is that there are no dates. In our journey, we’ve found that giving public dates can often be counter-productive. Although we use dates as internal targets, these are often flexible and adapt as situations change.

When we make those dates public people tend to view them differently, seeing them as being more fixed than they are. This misunderstanding can often lead to unnecessary frustration and doubts within the community, so this time we’ve adopted the Cardano approach of not publicly releasing dates for the roadmap.

Deniz, our CEO explains how we’ve planned our future development, “The roadmap is designed to be sequential, it is set in order of what we believe we will be able to accomplish. As we continue to develop, we realize that there is the real possibility of running into roadblocks. This may put us in a situation where it is more beneficial for the development team to finalize a different feature on the roadmap first. Many of the elements are being built and designed in unison, there are some definite benefits to this but it can make selecting exact dates difficult.”

MVP & Added Features

Starting with our eagerly anticipated Minimal Viable Product (MVP) we deeply appreciate the tremendous patience the community has shown as we’ve iterated and developed the MVP to be the best offering it can be. It’s been a long road with many bumps and turbulent market conditions along the way, but we’re pleased to announce that it’s in the final stages of audit and security updates, ready for release in the very near future.


With the increasingly harsh tone coming from central banks and regulators alike towards crypto projects we’re pushing ahead with developing the governance mechanisms for Paribus. Not only is it a core tenet of Paribus to decentralize control and governance of the project as soon as possible, but it will also help to protect its future long-term from overzealous regulations.

Our approach to governance will be centered around vePBX which is presently part of our development phase. We’re currently researching not just the mechanisms for submitting and voting on proposals, but also how we can code in some of the lessons from certain governance failures in other protocols to ensure they can’t happen to Paribus.


Central to our overall ethos is the ability to unlock the liquidity within NFTs and leverage these unique assets without having to sell them. As regular readers will know, our development team has been making incredible progress with our NFT module.

The next bull run is likely to start in late 2023 and gather pace throughout 2024, notwithstanding severe macroeconomic factors which may push this timeline back. Our plan is to be far ahead of the curve so that we’re ideally positioned for the increase in NFT liquidity as more new people enter the space. In addition, we’re also planning our own NFT collection.

Simon, our CTO describes this aspect in more detail, “As Paribus expands into NFT loans and metaverses we believe that having a Paribus NFT will create more utility within our ecosystem. The use cases for NFTs are endless and we are planning to incorporate various attributes that bring real value to our NFT holders. We look forward to sharing more about the specifics of this once we get closer to the release.”


During the last bull run, we saw many blue chip institutions entering both the cryptocurrency and NFT space. To help cater to these clients we’re developing our institutional offering, Paribus Pro.

Paribus Pro will feature KYC and AML technology as standard which will allow greater flexibility on collateralization levels. In addition, we’ll be integrating privacy protection elements to ensure sensitive commercial data is enshrouded so that people can’t front-run institutions as they utilize our Pro platform.


As Web3 technology scales and increases in complexity, the metaverse is sure to be at the frontier of new ways of working, studying, and socializing. As such, we’ll be developing our presence in several market-leading metaverses to ensure that we stay relevant.

Expanding upon our NFT module we’ll also be developing our Meta-Mortgages offering. This will help to unlock vast swathes of liquidity within metaverse real estate portfolios and help grow their thriving ecosystems.

Looking at the map ahead Wilson, our COO explains his most eagerly anticipated milestone, “There are many exciting milestones on our 2023 roadmap. I think that one of the developments I’m most excited for is NFT loans. The vision of utilizing NFTs for loan collateral in a permissionless and non-P2P platform was the driving factor for the creation of Paribus, the completion and release of this feature to the public will be an achievement we can all be very proud of.”

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