Paribus Twitter Town Hall Sept 15th, 2022

Paribus, a DeFi borrowing and lending platform, has recently announced a Twitter Space “Town Hall Event” set to take place Thursday September 15th at 5:00 PM UTC. These important events connect the project founders to the community in an open style communication session.

These virtual gatherings take place only 1 to 2 times per month. The general format starts with an overview of Paribus’s recent accomplishments and is then followed by informative announcements. These announcements have regularly been sneak peeks or insight into future plans before public announcements are made. The final phase of the Twitter Space is open for questions from the community.

This Town Hall is set to discuss topics related to MVP mainnet launch, the Paribus Ambassador Program, and development updates. Additionally there will be a special one year anniversary giveaway for the Paribus community. Paribus’s token PBX was launched directly to CEX KuCoin on September 16th 2021, this giveaway will commemorate this day and give appreciation to their loyal community. More details about the start date, rewards and requirements will be provided during the opening portion of the Town Hall.

To join the event click the link below to Paribus’s Twitter page:

About Paribus:

Paribus is a first-of-its-kind cross-chain borrowing and lending platform built for the Cardano blockchain. Paribus is poised to lead the industry in unlocking and fully realizing the intrinsic value of NFTs and other unconventional assets. At its core

Paribus utilizes a sophisticated dynamic interest rate algorithm. Paribus aims to achieve liquidity across chains for a vast range of conventional and unconventional digital assets such as liquidity positions, synthetics, virtual land and NFTs. The ultimate vision of Paribus is to leverage dormant on-chain value across the entire crypto market.

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