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Phil Anderson Accepts Crypto Donations For His Assembly Campaign

Phil Anderson Accepts Crypto Donations For His Assembly Campaign Blockchain, Blockchain PlatoAiStream PlatoAiStream. Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.
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Phil Anderson, a candidate for Wisconsin State Assembly, is now accepting crypto donations for his Assembly campaign. This move by him is considered as a step to challenge the state regulator by accepting the donations in Bitcoin. It is revealed that people will be able to donate crypto through BitPay, which is a major crypto payment service provider. 

Anderson said in an official statement that he is accepting Bitcoin donations for his campaign even when there is huge uncertainty in the Wisconsin Ethics Commission (WEC) regarding crypto regulation. 

Anderson Accepted Bitcoin Donations Earlier as Well

This is not the first time when Anderson is accepting donations in Bitcoin as he has accepted it before as well. Two years ago, in 2018, he accepted Bitcoin donations in his campaign for Governor of Wisconsin at that time. During that time also when he accepted crypto donations, there were several serious challenges on cryptocurrency. This is because WEC failed to arrive at any decision regarding the legal status of crypto donations. 

Anderson is again challenging the regulator by accepting crypto donations. According to him, WEC has completely declined to interpret its own rules. He believes that cryptocurrency is money, and hence it is a legitimate way to make donations. 

Ready for a Fight 

Anderson said in a statement that people have a complete choice of how they can contribute and he completely wishes to honor the choices of the people. He also mentioned that he is completely ready for a fight in case his opponents or the Ethics Commission wants to challenge him. He is not the only one as a lot of political candidates across the United States are accepting crypto donations for their campaigns. Back in the previous year, Andrew Yang, a former presidential candidate, also accepted Bitcoin donations for his committee.

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