10 Most Innovative Companies in 2023:  Blockchain, Crypto, Metaverse, Web3

10 Most Innovative Companies in 2023: Blockchain, Crypto, Metaverse, Web3

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Fast Company | Connie Lin | March 2, 2023

Fast Company 50 worlds most innovative companies - 10 Most Innovative Companies in 2023: Blockchain, Crypto, Metaverse, Web3

Image: Fast Company

In a tumultuous year for crypto and the metaverse, companies such as Roblox, Nike, the Ethereum Foundation, and DressX made real inroads in digital currency, virtual goods, and more.

  • Cryptocurrency may have rocketed into the stratosphere during the pandemic, but in 2022, it came crashing back down to Earth. Millions of people lost billions in the implosions of Terra-Luna, then Celsius, then FTX. With the industry’s dead weight cut loose, some crypto advocates saw a chance for the truly innovative ideas buried amid the rubble to soar.
  • Of course, that meant reimagining what the future of Web3 might look like as companies race to settle crypto’s wild west—including the metaverse, a nebulous concept that many have linked to Web3’s growth as our lives continue to get more digital.
    • Roblox, DressX, and Emperia gave us glimpses into that still-uncharted territory, with successful forays in digital currency, avatar fashion, and virtual shopping experiences.
    • Nike staked its claim among Web3 hypebeasts by channeling sneakerhead culture into its CryptoKicks NFTs.
    • And LinksDAO brought golf onto the blockchain with a decentralized “country club” for players to connect across the globe.

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  • Meanwhile, other companies set out to address the industry’s pitfalls.
    • Chainalysis used its forensic prowess to hunt down crypto funds stolen through hacks and scams, and
    • Ledger engineered a smarter hardware wallet to keep your money safe offline.
    • The Ethereum Foundation worked to mitigate crypto’s climate impact with a tech upgrade dubbed the Merge, and
    • The Hundreds clapped back at the industry’s spotty track record on creator royalties with a reworked smart contract system that makes sure artists get their dues.

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