2 Game Issues Palworld Needs to Fix

2 Game Issues Palworld Needs to Fix

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Players, Palworld is still going strong on the market and even Pokémon players (who aren’t spreading falsehoods) are enjoying it. However, due to it being early access, players are finding things that they can improve on. This piece will address 2 Palworld game issues that Pocket Pair needs to work on.

Map and Waypoint System

Playing on the PC port, it can be the person’s fault for not having the proper computer to run it without lag. However, even with delay, the ability to lay a marker or waypoint on the world map massively needs work. There are times players will leave a marker and it does not leave the marker on the screen for players to follow.

In other games like Skyrim, the further you get away from the marker, the smaller it will get, but it won’t disappear. In Palworld, it is hard to keep track of the waypoint at a certain distance away and they may benefit from having visual cues such as lights (they do this well when respawned players have to reclaim their stuff).

It might also be cool for the devs to add a mini-map if they have not already.

The Catch Mechanics

By “catch mechanics”, this article is not referring to the concept of throwing a sphere at animals and capturing them. Pokémon and other games have been doing that for years and it is a great concept. This refers to the catch rates and how hard it is to get one to go into the ball at all.

Granted it is integral for players to lower the Palmon’s health before trying. That is by design and is not a flaw in itself. However, there is no reason why a pal sphere thrown at a sleeping Palmon from behind should ever be deflected.

Unless the pals have some kind of aura, this is one thing that Pokémon Legends and Scarlet and Violet do better in every way. The speed at which the Pals run away is ridiculous. They easily get faster than the player and unless they’ve invested in their stamina, they’re out of luck. It is especially bad for those experiencing frame rate issues depending on their equipment.

For those people though, they should feel encouraged to get a more powerful computer or play on Xbox.


The fact that only two game issues are being pointed out in its early access state shows how good Palworld is already. And given that this game was released early to players, the devs are already figuring out the next updates. One of the Game Haus’ other writers has made many pieces about Palworld’s early access roadmap. One of them can be found here.

Have fun, players.

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