5 Great Marketing Sessions From SaaStr Annual 2021 with CMOs of Datadog, G2, BlackLine, Marqeta and Dave Kellogg

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Using Dave Kellogg’s “Four Sources of Pipeline” framework, marketing should source 60% of the pipeline for a representative enterprise software company. 

In a noisy world where there are no practical barriers to creating B2B content, you need a thoughtful approach to engage your Ideal Customer Profile audience. 

These sessions from SaaStr Annual 2021 provide a window into what approaches best-in-class marketers in SaaS are taking today: 

Marketing SaaStr Session #1: “The State of Software Buying: From SMB to Enterprise with G2’s CMO”

Presented By: Amanda Malko – CMO – G2 – @amandamalko

Video: HERE

Intriguing Session Slides:

Marketing SaaStr Session #2: “Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Building Marketing Channels Slowly to Achieve Massive Scale with Datadog’s CMO”

Presented By: Alex Rosemblat – CMO – Datadog – @alexrosemblat

Video: HERE

Intriguing Session Slides:

Marketing SaaStr Session #3: “Mastermind Masterclass: A CEO’s Guide to Marketing with Dave Kellogg”

Presented By: Dave Kellogg – @Kellblog

Video: HERE

Intriguing Session Slides:

Marketing SaaStr Session #4: “Why Intent is the New Lead: 2021 State of Marketing Technology ​with Marqeta’s CMO”

Presented By: Vidya Peters – CMO – Marqeta – @vidya_peters

Video: HERE

Intriguing Session Slides:

Last but not least:

Marketing SaaStr Session #5: “The How and Why of Category Creation and Leadership with BlackLine’s CMO”

Presented By: Andres Botero – CMO – Blackline – @BlackLine

Video: HERE

Intriguing Session Slide:

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Published on October 26, 2021

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