5 Unique, Revenue-Generating Insights You Can Get in Baremetrics - Baremetrics

5 Unique, Revenue-Generating Insights You Can Get in Baremetrics – Baremetrics

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Without deeper insights, subscription metrics are just numbers in a spreadsheet. 

Insights add context, understanding, and actionable meaning to your metrics, and help you make more informed decisions that drive growth. 

Baremetrics is a powerful analytics platform that provides subscription-based businesses with powerful metrics and insights. In this article, we’ll break down five unique insights you can gain from Baremetrics that can help you boost revenue, improve customer retention, and ultimately build a stronger business.

Insight 1: How much MRR you’re earning from each plan

The amount of monthly recurring revenue (MRR) you’re earning from each plan can tell you a lot about your pricing strategy, where the majority of your revenue is coming from, what kind of customers you’re bringing in, and more. 

With Baremetrics, you can see this easily under your MRR breakout (see this in our live demo here 👀)

MRR by plan type

Based on the above table, we can make a few interesting observations: 

  • Revenue distribution is somewhat even across our top three plans. This could mean that a decrease in subscriptions to one plan wouldn’t impact our overall MRR too much. 

  • The $1129 plan brings in almost the same amount of revenue as the $249 plan. Launching dedicated campaigns to bring in just a few more “bigger fish” could give us a healthy boost in MRR.

With this kind of knowledge, you can tailor your marketing strategies, product development, and customer support efforts to focus on the tiers that yield the highest returns.

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Insight 2: How much revenue you’re losing to failed payments every month (and how much you could recover)

Here’s a not-so-fun fact: Subscription businesses lose around 9% of their revenue every year to failed payments.

Failed payments typically happen when a customer’s credit card is expired, lost, over its limit, or has the wrong information. 

Baremetrics helps you track which payments have failed, shows you the potential revenue loss on the line, and sends automated emails to your customers so they update their credit card information more quickly. 

Recover dashboard

The magic is all done in our Recover tool, which can be added on to your core subscription. 

Lower churn and get your hard-earned money back? That’s what we call a win-win 👏

Insight 3: How good (or bad) things could get financially

Building a successful business means being ready for anything.

 Looking at different financial scenarios (base-case, best-case, and worst-case) helps you think through potential solutions and be better prepared for both growth opportunities and downturns. 

Forecast+ by Baremetrics offers advanced scenario modeling to help finance pros and beginners alike do this quickly. 

The below forecast was created in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic. With the three scenarios mapped out, it’s pretty clear that if the team continued business as usual, they would have run out of money in months.

Scenario planning in cash balance forecast

Not using Baremetrics yet? Check out our suite of free SaaS calculators to calculate your runway, understand your company’s value and more.

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Insight 4: How your subscription metrics stack up to similar businesses

How are you doing compared to other SaaS companies? Are your metrics where they should be? Are you on the right track?

If you’ve wondered these things, you’re definitely not alone.

By comparing your key subscription metrics such as churn rate, customer lifetime value (CLTV), and average revenue per user (ARPU), with those of other subscription companies, you can get a sense of where you’re performing well or failing behind. 

Our Open Benchmarks provides these metrics, no log-in required 🫶

Open Benchmarks

Using Baremetrics already? Get even more benchmarks like MRR, LTV, active customers and more inside our Benchmarks feature. 

Insight 5: How much revenue you’re losing to different cancellation reasons

Cancellations are an inevitable part of running a subscription-based business, but understanding the reasons behind customer churn can help you prevent other cancellations in the future. 

Cancellation Insights by Baremetrics helps you analyze the various cancellation reasons provided by your customers, allowing you to identify patterns.

Cancellation reasons

It also calculates the amount of revenue you’re losing to each reason automatically (circled below in red). 

Revenue lost by cancellation reason

Yikes– this company lost several customers and ~$1,948 in a month to competitors offering a lower priced option. One action they could take is to reach out to these customers and try to get more information around which competitors they switched to and perhaps even negotiate a new price. 

Whether it’s pricing concerns, feature gaps, or reasons out of your control, understanding each reason’s potential impact on your revenue helps you prioritize where your business needs to improve most urgently, and guide your strategy accordingly.

For this team, it could be worth offering a lower-priced plan these folks could downgrade to instead of fully canceling. 

Get unique insights about your business with Baremetrics

The unique insights that Baremetrics provides are a game-changer for SaaS businesses. 

From understanding the revenue distribution across your plans to knowing how much you’re losing to failed payments and benchmarking your performance against other SaaS companies,

Baremetrics equips you with the tools to enhance customer satisfaction, boost your revenue,  and build a thriving business– things we should all be prioritizing in the current economic climate. 

Sign up for your free 14-day trial of Baremetrics today. 

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