$5,000+ PIG STY FESTIVAL 3.0!

$5,000+ PIG STY FESTIVAL 3.0!

Source Node: 1996437


The lineup for PiGFest 3.0 is STACKED! With the sad news of Blizzard no longer funding StarCraft 2 esports, we decided to host PiGFest much earlier than usual this year. Thank you to everyone in the community who has already donated to the prize pool – the generosity has already pushed the prize pool to at least $5,000!


100% of donations to https://streamlabs.com/x5_pig/tip go to the prize pool. This will be left open until the end of the tournament. PiG is putting up $1,000 himself. The community has already raised $4,000!


Format: Single elimination bracket held over 5 days. Ro16 and Ro8 will be best of 5. Ro4 and Grand Final will be best of 7.

Schedule: March 15-19 2023, starting at 10am CEST / 8pm AEDT each day. The first four days will each have two ro16 matches, with the winners facing each other in the ro8 on the same day – making it like a mini 4-player tournament to see who goes through to the Semifinals.


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Minimum Prize Pool:

    1st = $2000
    2nd = $1000
    3rd/4th = $500
    5th-8th = $250
    9th-16th = $125
    Total = Minimum $5,000USD

Stream Details:

PiGFest will be streamed on www.twitch.tv/x5_PiG in English.
All non-english casters are welcome to cast this tournament. Contact PiG on Discord or Twitter for more details.

Liquipedia page link
Link: https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/PiG_Sty_Festival/3


The support act to our huge pro tournament will be a Hidden Name Tournament where 4 players will hide their identities while trying to unmask their opponents.

Schedule: March 9 2023 starting at 11am PST / 2pm EST / 8pm CEST (March 10 6am AEDT)

Check out the first Hidden Name Tournament vod HERE

Time Stamp:

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