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AirAsia India Launches ‘Extra Seat’ for Passengers

AirAsia India

AirAsia India has recently announced the launch of its new service namely ‘Extra Seat’. This service is aimed at providing the passengers with the option to book extra seats while purchasing a ticket. This is a great service in line with the vision that there are some customers who appreciate extra seats just because they are some stuff which they don’t want to let go of or simply they want extra space and comfort. The service is already live for the passengers on the website of the airline. But note that the service will cost the passengers heavily.

AirAsia India Makes Carrying Fragile Stuff Easier for Users

There are some fragile equipment or products that customers won’t want to get damaged. Sometimes even after asking the airlines to put a fragile tag on the bag or the packaging doesn’t work. That is why AirAsia’s ‘Extra Seat’ service can be a game-changer for the passengers. People can even take the carrycot of an infant and keep it right beside their seat with the help of this service.

The best thing is that these extra seats can be booked under a single individual. Ankur Garg, Chief Commercial Officer, AirAsia India, said, “AirAsia India has always led by its vision and ethos of being Guest Obsessed. We are at the forefront of empowering our guests with features and initiatives that keep their comfort and convenience in mind. As we are witnessing an uptick in air travel, and with the growing travel intent showcased by passengers, our extra seat feature will aid guests to experience a safe and efficient journey onboard.”

I personally verified and have found that the service is live on the website of the airline and can be found under the ‘special fares’ section. Just how it will change the airline’s revenues is worth looking at. AirAsia India recently reported a 95% rise in its yearly loss in FY21, so the airline needs things going its way.


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