Amazon vs. Toilet Paper

Amazon vs. Toilet Paper

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It was just another sunny day in Georgia when Barbara Carroll ordered 3 cartons of toilet paper from Amazon for $88.77. Little did she know her life was about to change forever when she was charged $7455 for shipping!  

Startled, she immediately contacted Amazon’s customer service to demand her money back. Two months, six complaints, a couple of empathetic nods, and snide remarks later, her bank still didn’t reflect the charges. 

She sent an email to Jeff Bezos in vain only to be left cold. Now out for blood, she approached a local news channel with her story, which USA Today picked up. Along with a newspaper feature, Barbara got her money refunded and even got her 3 cartons of toilet paper for free.  

Giants like Amazon can stand to take a hit, but bad customer experiences can sink a lot of businesses. In this week’s compass, let’s take a look at how you can retain customers and reduce churn. 

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