ArcadeNetwork: Revolutionizing Gaming With Cross-Game and Cross-Chain Bridges

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  • ArcadeNetwork introduces the cross-game and cross-chain bridges.
  • Using the blockchain and NFT technology, it is set to remodel the gaming space.
  • ArcadeNetwork’s IDO, platform, NFT minter, and ArcBridge testnet will launch in Q4, 2021.

ArcadeNetwork is pleased to announce the world’s first decentralized cross metaverse bridge. Using the blockchain and NFT technology, ArcadeNetwork and its ‘technovation’ team developed cross-games and cross-chain bridges which will transform the gaming space.

Looking at the traditional games, items purchased in one game cannot be used in other games. Therefore, once a player loses interest in the game, any purchases made in that game become a sunk cost. Thus, discouraging in-app purchases. Hence, ArcadeNetwork’s exciting innovation is poised to overcome this.

On the other hand, if players know that they can continue to use items purchased in another game or sell them on an exchange, it will add utility. Hence, encouraging more purchases.

For this reason, ArcadeNetwork is built to solve the challenges faced by developers in monetizing games. It also seeks to challenge the resistance shown by casual gamers in becoming paying games. Therein, Arcade uses blockchain technology and NFTs for seamless movement of in-game assets from game to game as well as from metaverse to metaverse.

What ArcadeNetwork Seeks To Solve

ArcadeNetwork CEO, Chinka G. says “ArcadeNetwork envisions to open a whole new dimension and create abundant opportunities in the Gaming world.”

The ArcadeNetwork stack is developer-friendly and ensures interoperability of items across and also, between various games. To add on, they enable blockchain-backed ownership and trade of game items in a metaverse money market.


ArcadeNetwork is built to generate a subscription fee, an asset liquidity fee. Alongside, an intermetaverse transfer fee as a revenue source. Moreover, the project tokenomics are designed to raise funds, ensure the ArcadeNetwork token gets across many users, and guarantee vesting.

The network bridges the gap of time spent in designing, coding, or gathering in-game items. Such as: special vehicles, planets, exotic cities, special skins, special abilities, and lots more. Accordingly, with ArcadeNetwork players can own these items, trade them and consequently, help drive traffic and the expansion of a given game or platform to new projects.

Lastly, developers will benefit if players can sell their items to others. This will aid to raise the price of standard-issue items to match prices on secondary markets. Therefore, eliminate price discrimination, and enable gamers and developers to package various items at different price points to different games.

The ArcadeNetwork Roadmap

Furthermore, ArcadeNetwork will launch its IDO, platform, NFT minter, and also, the ArcBridge testnet in Q4 2021. The ArcBridge mainnet is hoped to go live in December 2021. What’s more, the cross-platform support and NER/NLP integrations are scheduled for January and February 2022.

The ArcVerse is likely to be completed in March 2022 along with cross-game, cross-platform, and inter-metaverse trade. Additionally, purchases across all ArcadeNetwork partners, developers, exchanges, gamers, and studios will be set come 2022.

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