At Facebook they break walls, what about you?

At Facebook they break walls, what about you?

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Andrew Bosworth, the VP of Facebook, has a unique strategy for product release nerves. He says that at Facebook, the product team is moved to rooms with an open floor before releases to work in tighter loops. But as their teams grew, it became a daunting task to accommodate all of them in a single room. So, before the launch of its games platform, the team came in over a weekend to build a loft that could support desks on two levels.

 During the launch of Messenger, the team of 15 was moved into a room with a capacity of 10. Either it was the sheer pressure of the release or their undaunting determination, the team made a hole in the wall to make the room bigger, refusing to perceive the four walls around them as constraints. This story highlighted in Boz shows the superficial nature of constraints.

 Our perceived truths become the breeding ground for constraints, and anyone unwilling to succumb to the norms can break through all limitations. So, as a leader,  how can you go about breaking barriers?

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