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ATOM Could Hit New Record-Breaking Price of $33 Anytime

ATOM Could Altcoin News
    • Traders’ constant crypto buying spree is likely to record a price surge of $33 for ATOM.
    • This will be a new recording-breaking achievement that ATOM has smashed so far.
    • The $33 price spike is possible if only ATOM maintains its market performance.

An report states that traders have been constant in accumulating Cosmos (ATOM) in the market these days. The report described the traders’ purchase action as a bullish sign with maximum strength to push ATOM from its present $29.63 to a new height of $33.

With that said, if traders continue their crypto buying journey rather than sell, there is a high possibility and likelihood for Cosmos to flip its present price of $29.63 to the projected $33. All things being equal, this would serve as a new achievement and a breakthrough for ATOM.

To add, this time will be a big opportunity for Cosmos to go toe to toe with its competitors if the crypto manages to transcend a new limit above $29.63. To note, ATOM has a growth rate of 4.25% with a staggering 24-hour trading volume of over $957 billion on CoinMarketCap.

ATOM ranks as the 21st largest cryptocurrency in the world. Moreover, it has a whopping market capitalization of over $8 billion as its threshold value at the time of writing. Furthermore, it is important for crypto to maintain a steady momentum and good performance to avoid any possible downtrend since this moment represents a crucial time for its price spike. 

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